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Into the Wild: Lesson 5 (overview of comparative SAC(1))

No description

Liam Brooks

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Into the Wild: Lesson 5 (overview of comparative SAC(1))

To gain an overview of the comparative SAC.

Students will be able to explain the key features of the
integrated approach
Wednesday 6 September 3:30-5:15
Essential elements checklist
A high-level comparison of two texts will do the following.
Ideally, you should have already watched
Into the Wild

There will be a screening next
Wednesday in the theatre starting in Period 3

over the holidays.

Complete the homework thoroughly.
Into the Wild: Lesson 5 (overview of comparative SAC)
Thank you!
When is the comparative SAC?
What we need to do
Develop an
bout the two texts that responds clearly and insightfully to the essay topic.

Show in-depth knowledge and understanding of the
in each text.

Compare the texts' ideas, issues and themes (as relevant to the given topic) in
a sustained and insightful manner (no retelling of the plot!)

Show an understanding of how the texts convey ideas from
different perspectives

Identify points of connection that enable a complex discussion of
similarities and differences

Support arguments and statements about the texts with
well-selected textual evidence
, integrated into the discussion.

Use the features of a comparative analysis, including
structure (integrated structure)
, to compare the texts.

Use an expressive, fluent and
clear writing style
with correct spelling and grammar.
Body paragraph one
Body paragraph two
Body paragraph three
Body paragraph four
Body paragraph five
Body paragraph six
Body paragraph seven
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