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Point of View of The Scarlet Ibis

No description

Daniel Drum

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Point of View of The Scarlet Ibis

Why did the Author use First Person? Who is the Narrarator? Which Point of View Was Used? OF THE SCARLET IBIS

What does the Narrarator not know? The narrarator in the story is the older brother who is reflecting back on his adventures with Doodle and how he wanted to teach his weak brother how to run, jump, swim, row, and play with him. The author used first person point of view in this story. You can find examples of this in some sentences such as: "'Then I'll leave you here by yourself', I threatened" The author used first person point of view to show you his emotions toward Doodle and how much he wanted Doodle to do the things he could do What were the Narrarator's biases, if any? The nararator thought that his weak brother could eventually do everything he could do, if he pushed Doodle to his limits. How would the story be different if another point of view was used? The story would be different because you would know what Doodle was thinking in some situations and you wouldn't have the emotional attachment to Doodle like you do in first person Point of View The Narrartor does not know how Doodle ended up dying. He just knows that Doodle was bleeding out of his mouth. He also doesn't know what Doodle is thinking when he is training him. What Does the Narrarator know that no one else could know? The narrarator knows that he is teaching his brother, Doodle to walk. He and his brother tried to keep it a secret from the rest of the family
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