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TCoE Freshman Orientation

No description

Ronald Harichandran

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of TCoE Freshman Orientation

Entrepreneurial Thinking
Experiential Eduction Requirement
Focus Areas
Co-Curricular Experiences
Academic Integrity
Advising and Assistance
Fall Calendar
Tagliatela College of Engineering Highlights
TCoE Orientation
Living Learning Communities- Entrepreneurial Engineering LLC (for first year students)
Student Professional Societies
KEEN Activities
Alvine Lecture Series
Outside the Classroom
Spiral Curriculum
Focus Areas
Dr. Nancy Savage
Associate Dean

Important Dates for Fall 2017

Monday, August 28th: First Day of Classes

Monday, September 4th: Labor Day -no Classes

Tuesday, September 5th: Open Add/Drop Deadline

September 15-17th: Charger Startup Weekend

October 22nd to October 24th: Fall Break

Friday, November 3rd: Course Withdrawal Deadline

November 22nd to 26th: Thanksgiving Break

December 12th-13th: Reading Days

December 14th to December 20th: Final Exams
Typical First Semester Curriculum

ENGL 1112: Seminar in Academic Inquiry
COMM 1130: Principles of Communication
MATH 1117: Calculus 1
CHEM 1115/1117: General Chemistry 1
EASC 1107: Introduction to Engineering

Computer Engineering and Cyber/CS students substitute CSCI 1110 (Intro to C Programming) for COMM 1130. CS/Cyber students can delay lab science to another semester. Cyber students may start in MATH 1115

Chemistry Students do not need EASC 1107

Core Curriculum

Requires 1 course from each category in Tier 1 and an additional 12 credits (3-4 courses) from Tier 2.

Competency 1:
Written Communication
Competency 2:
Oral Communication and Presentation
Competency 3:
Mathematical and Quanititative Literacy
Competency 4:
Scientific Exploration
Competency 5:
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Competency 6:
Historical Perspectives
Competency 7:
The Individual and Society
Competency 8:
Global and Intercultural Awareness
Competency 9:
Perspectives on Creative Arts
Experiential Education in the
Tagliatela College of Engineering

TCoE Curriculum

EASC Courses: Multidisciplinary Engineering Curriculum

PITCH: Project to Integrate Technical Communication Habits

Core Curriculum
Academic Advisement and Assistance

Pre-registration Meetings with Faculty
Faculty Office Hours
CASA: Center for Academic Services and Advising
CLR: Center for Learning Resources
CDC: Career Development Center
Wireless Communication
Cyber Forensics and Security
Renewable Energy
Academic Integrity Policy

The University and College expect that students will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and respect the intellectual work of others.

Complete your work independently!
Give proper attribution!
Report real data!
Read the full university policy!
Ask your professors for guidance!
KEEN: Developing an Entreprenuerial Mindset
TCoE Study Abroad in Prato, Italy
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