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Teen "Sexting"

No description

Erin K

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Teen "Sexting"

'u got any pics?'

To fit in

Peer Pressure

Caught up in a relationship

Not thinking of consequences


Why do kids/teens sext?
Understanding the consequences
Reinforce to kids/teens:

Think before you click send
Don't assume what you send will be kept private
Consider the actions of the recipient
What can we do?
2014, Terrace BC

2014, Victoria BC

2013, St. Johns, NL

Sexting in the news
Teen "Sexting"
Sexting is a recent phenomena. With the growth of electronic communication, social networks and technology, numbers are on the rise.
By the numbers
Sexting 101
This presentation will
Sexting = Sex+Texting

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages, primarily between mobile phones.

Sexting can include messages, images, or video

Technology - constantly evolving, new issues

Cell phones, Social media, Facebook, Snapchat, privacy concerns more important than ever before
What is "Sexting"?
Presented to OCDSB October 3rd, 2014
Define "Sexting"
Explore the risks
Examine the consequences
Discuss risk mitigation and damage control strategies
Identify resources for youth on sexting/cyberbullying

Erin Knight
MSW Student, Carleton U
Presented to OCDSB October 3rd, 2014
by Erin Knight
Other studies have found that up to 40% of teens have participated in Sexting, and 79% know people who have.
Charges for cyberbullying, harassment, child pornography posession/distribution

Violation of trust
Violation of privacy
Socially devastating
Shame, Embarassment
"slut shaming'
Suicides of Rehteah Parsons and Amanda Todd

First conviction of child pornography possession/distribution in Canada as result of sexting

New Cyberbullying legislation in the works, but laws are new and can be contradictory

How will they receive it?
Who will be around?
Will they share it with someone else?
What will happen if they get mad at you in the future?
Would you do this in real life in front of the entire school?
Example: A girl sends a private photo to her boyfriend and they break up. What happens when...
A new girlfriend finds the photo and sends it to her friends?

The boyfriend gets angry and sends the photo as revenge?

The phone gets lost, or stolen?
Laws and technology
Debate around sexting legislation

Child pornography charges despite age of consent

Who is to blame? Who to charge?

Holding teens to higher standards than adults
What to do:
If you receive a sext:
Teachers, Parents and Teens
Problem solve
Respect each other's need for power, control, safety and self-worth



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