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3 Levels of BIM Quality Assurance for Owners

Bentley Bash Presentation by Michael Cervantes

Michael Cervantes

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of 3 Levels of BIM Quality Assurance for Owners

Begin with the end in mind... As a building owner, how
do you know what you
are getting is really
what you need? What in this world is really two-dimensional? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
-Albert Einstein There may be ways to check the data along the way... what's next? quality assurance Require teams to use BIM to automate square footage checks Owner's 3 levels of
BIM Quality Assurance Do we have everything? Does it meet our standards? Leverage BIM to understand client needs analyze + create review confirm BIM Execution Plan Roles and Responsibilities but what if the end is not enough? Except where noted, All model examples are from actual LACCD Projects. Ideas and concepts shown are solely those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent the opinions or current requirements of the Los Angeles Community College District, nor the actual work results of the project team.

LACCD thanks all of its project teams for their hard work, and presents these models and concepts as good examples of meeting or improving our BIM and quality standards for future consideration. working model
Can I open the files?
Is the document usable? BIM
CAD files
Sheet set
Approved Submittals
Warranty Data
O+M Manuals Lifecycle BIM BIM is the model complete? System check CAD Files Check:
model files
sheet files Sheet Set Do we have:
all disciplines
all required drawings
title block
hard copies
digital copies Warranty, O+M Manuals Check:
hard copy
digital copy
tabbed by specification
complete warranty data Do we have:
hard copy
digital file
required stamps and signatures Does it serve your functional needs?
Will it help you save on operating costs? Specifications,
Approved Submittals manage source: HGA - Pinner Has the team indentified:
a BIM Facilitator / VDC Manager
Lead BIM Modelers for all trades
all versions and types of BIM Software to be used
all anticipated file formats to be exchanged Spatial Coordination Clash Detection and Resolution Folder Structure / File Management Every Project will be organized in a standard folder structure:
help preserve model links
consistency across projects
consistency across campuses
all project participants have different levels of access Geospatial Location
Do Models share a common project work origin?
Do Models tie in to local state plane coordinates?
Are all modeling linking in properly
Has project location (longitude/latitude) been set? Virtual Building Check Model Elements
are elements created with required properties
size, type, location, material, system info, warranty, manufacturer
are drawings being generated from model data
organized naming convention OmniClass / FUSION Are the following tables being incorportated in to BIM
Table 13
Table 14
Table 23

LACCD needs these classifications for space inventory, operations, and maintenance Sustainable Design Analysis Is the geometry and data within the BIM being used to help analyze:

Massing and Geometry
Solar Path
Sun and Shading
Renewable Energy Evaluation Energy Modeling Is the geometry and data within the BIM being used to help validate:
Title 24 compliance
total energy use
renewable energy Visualization build Was the modeled system used to fabricate the as-built installation? Digital Fabrication design Collaboration BIM Standards BIM Standards outline LACCD's vision, objectives, and requirements for Building Information Modeling.

The Standards outline:
LACCD Objectives for BIM
BIM Project Requirements
BIM Process and Implementation
Quality Assurance and Validation Process what if your client never wanted to see another 2D drawing? operate Designers and Builders create models to accomplish their specific requirements. Therefore, owners need to check their quality and re-purpose models for owner use Virtual Punch List
is it buildable?
is it really what the owner wants? Facilities Maintenance Access
is it functional?
can equipment be operated, accessed and maintained Building User
is design intent functional?
does it meet program and criteria
accessibility check The challenge:

20% design and construction - $6B bond program

80% of total building cost is for operations and maintenance - decrease in operating funds

How can we leverage what is delivered in design and construction to help us operate and maintain? data accurate rendering if we can see in 3D this quickly, why do we still need 2D? Re-purpose the data GIS Asset Management
System Management Design Criteria
As Built BIM Record Data being structured for GIS attributes Is the model being updated in concert with the construction schedule? Does the quality and level of detail meet our standards as the project progresses? Is your BIM being used to quality assure your building, or is it just a deliverable? can COBie prevent this from happening? Rehearse before you build it! A 3D View for every Space Real Time Design Review Constructability Review Real Time System Collaboration Accessiblity Review Thank You Michael Cervantes, AIA LEED BD+C
@arquixote / @bimlaccd
Bentley Bash 2013 - Rio Hondo College the devil is in the details! Owners are now beginning to require BIM and organize their data... who is checking the quality of the model? Model Based Reviews View from wheelchair accessible seating reveals a potential design conflict View from instructor's perspective How would you deliver your building? Safety
safety in design for building operators and occupants
safety provisions during construction Data Mining Practical Uses of ProjectWise Practical Uses of ProjectWise Practical Uses of ProjectWise Organize and analyze quality of component data as it exchanges between software Does the BIM Execution Plan:
Identify Strategy and Goals for using BIM by phase
Outline how models will be used and exchanged between trades
Follow LACCD BIM Execution Plan Template (where applicable) Practical Uses of ProjectWise Model Review Workflow Giovanna Romero - BuildLACCD ProjectWise Administrator Lilian Magallanes - Navigator BIM Coordinator visit LACCD's BIM Blog view this Prezi
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