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Wyatt and Hans F8 Zimbabwe

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Wyatt and Hans F8 Zimbabwe

Geographical Features of Zimbabwe
A main lake in Zimbabwe is called Lake Kariba.
The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare.
The tallest mountain in Zimbabwe is Mount Inyangani.
The government in Zimbabwe is a Presidential Republic.
Wyatt and Hans F-8 Zimbabwe
Pitch: High
Dynamics: Forte
Tempo: Presto
Timbre: Bright, Colorful, Uplifting
Musicians from Zimbabwe
James Chimombe Born 1951 Died 1990
Leonard Mapfuno Born January 30,1983 in Harare, Zimbabawe
Herbert Schwamborn Born 1973 in Zimbabwe
(Couldnt find where James Chimombe)

Where to see music in Zimbabwe
In present day Zimbabwe, you can see various musciscians at concerts and shows. These muscians include Leonard Mapfuno.
Traditional Music of Zimbabwe
Traditional Music in Zimbabwe involves lots of drums.
Traditional Music also includes lots of vocals.
The traditional music is usually played during festivals or other celebrations.
Body Percussion

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