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Icicle Works

No description

Ross Webber

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Icicle Works

Ross Webber, Sam Webber,
Alex Worrall & Andrew Standring
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Company Outline
Silver Service
Quality and Variety
Willing to spend money
Hotels, restaurants
Speedy Food Firms
Quick and Easy food
Price Sensitive
Local Pubs, Cafes, Food trucks
Educational Industry
Economies of scale / mass market
Health conscious
Schools and universities
Bulk Caterers
Economies of scale / Mass market
Army barracks and hospitals
Outside Caterers
Product Range
Wide customer base
Weddings, business parties and private functions
Can you taste the difference?


A family run business set up 30 years ago to supply branded and own-label frozen food businesses.
Currently have 20 sales representatives who undertake personal selling.
Speedy food firms wanting convenience and low cost
Quality offered as a motivator
Large, mass markets higher risk
B2B Wholesalers
Direct from Producer
Current Situation
1. Open a frozen food store selling branded and own branded products- B2B
2. Open strategically located drive-thru collection services around the country
3. Produce health own brand products including an extensive range of 'free from' foods
4. Further Development of own-label product ranges
5. Incorporate fresh food alongside the frozen range
6. Use wide range of marketing tools
High quality and low prices
Own-label products earn 5% higher gross profit over similar branded lines
Quality Control Management
Corporate Objectives
Increase the number of business accounts by 20% in the next 3 years
To break even by the end of the financial year
Marketing Objectives
Increase TIW's national market share by 3% in the next 5 years
Marketing Communications Objective
Produce a website with up-to-date stock and price lists in the next 12 months

Current Position
Foretasted Position
Porter (1985)
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