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P1- Developments in animation, CGI

No description

daniel smith

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of P1- Developments in animation, CGI

Disadvantages of CGI animation
CGI animation requires a powerful computer which can be expensive and also very expensive software, for example one of the most common pieces of software used is autodesk maya which costs £205 per month or £3300 to buy.
Hardware and software required
this type of animation takes a lot of practice and complicated software to be able to create professional results, the software required can also be very expensive.
CGI animation can also be very time consuming to produce
Examples of this type of animation
P1- Developments in animation, CGI
GGI animation
CGI stands for computer generated imagery, this term refers to any artwork or animation created using computers.
this an apply to both 2D and 3D animation but most commonly refers to 3D.
Increases in computer speeds have meant that CGI animation has become much more accessible to individuals and small companies.
Advantages of CGI animation
CGI animation is often used over other types because the quality is often higher and the results are much more controllable than physical processes.
Many childrens films are examples of CGI animation such as Toy story and Finding Nemo, however it can also be used for other purposes such as video games
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