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Laptop Rollout

MAC Laptop Rollout at ASCSC

Alasdair Hey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Laptop Rollout

Year 11 2010 Laptop Evening The laptop program is not...

to do the same thing at College that we were doing before

...but this time use a computer instead of pens and paper. It is...

to do things that we COULD NEVER have done before

using pens and paper. Let's take a moment to think about some of the new opportunities
that we have NOW in an ordinary classroom with laptops But what are some of the practical realities
of using a laptop at College? Weight? Charging? Accidental Damage? Theft? Most students report a positive,
rewarding learning experience
with their laptops.

But can the laptops be a distraction? There will always be a student looking
out the window, daydreaming.

But to try to help students who may be
inclined to wander from the path of

We have put some limitations on how the
laptopcs can be used. Year 11 2010 has a new model, which has a restricted use policy
under the hood:

update rights install rights

email youtube, msn, chat at school

internet use at school (filtered)

internet at home (unfiltered)

you are an administrator on your machine

internet use monitored at school

computer use monitored at school (possible if a student needs supervision)
In all, we expect students to achieve
high educational outcomes using these
tools in the modern classroom setting.

Thank You
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