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No description

Bianca Cookie

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of MARSHMALLOW MELTING! NOOOOOO! My family!!!!!

How long does it take for a marshmallow to melt?
Well, it depends on the temperature.
I chose two ways to melt marshmallows.
One way is to place it in a microwave and have it melt for one minute.
Another way is to place on a stove also for thirty seconds.
So, what is a marshmallow made out of?
A marshmallow is made out of sugar, corn
syrup, water, and gelatin.
One day, Ted, Tim, and Todd,
were hiking and came across fire.
This turned out.
Type of marshmallows
I am using those big Kraft marshmallows. The marshmallow
is about five or six inches
tall and about two inches
Microwaving Marshmallows
The marshmallow is at least
five or six inches. It was once
a regular marshmallow until
one minute of its life was
ruined. In the end, it was all
blobbly and it was like a bubble.
I'm guessing the microwave
temperature was 60F.
Gas Stove Marshmallow
I melted a marshmallow for at least
thirty seconds. Again, it looked
normal, until the last thirty seconds.
I guess that the temperature was
100F. The gas stove could have made
more damage, but the pan wasn't
heated. That would've made a
difference. I'm guessing that the
teperature change would be 160F.
In Between
In conclusion, the temperature difference was fourty degrees F. The gas stove would've made much more damage if the pan was heated and would make a bigger difference. I think because of the gelatin and syrup made the marshmallow be able to melt fast. In fact, I opened the bag and left the hole open and it was sort of melting. For the microwave, it was in there for one minute. For the stove, it was there for thirty seconds.
The average of the temperature is
Just if anyone if wondering.
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