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No description

Adeline Chen

on 31 December 2014

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Transcript of Amazon

American -based multinational electronic commerce company

Headquarter-Seattle, Washington

Now Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in America

The original name was Cadabra, Inc

Found in 1994 and launch it on 1995.
It started as an online book store.

concept of gap model
Gap1-the listening gap
Gap2-the design and standards gap
Gap3-the performance gap
Gap4-the communication gap
E commerce
Touch screen display
Lighter than a paperback
Weeks-long battery life
Reads like the printed page
Take and share notes
Venture capital:
Companyies Lead in Global E-Commerce Sales
Amazon.com Inc
. :USD 74 billion sales

JD.com Inc.
: USD 11 billion sales
and online pure play company
rank next.
German multichannel merchant

Otto Group
: USD 8 billion sales.
: USD 4 billion sales
Casino Cnova, Tesco, giant Rakuten, Best Buy
eCommerce by region

- Separate the market into appropriate segments with a focus on those likely to deliver the best return.

– Target appropriate segments.


– Position the product in the minds of potential customers. Be prepared to reposition the product.

Amazon Mom
Amazon Student
Amazon Fresh
6 months trial
Earn a $10 referral credit
Get exclusive deals and promotions for Students
Same-day and early morning delivery
Huge selection, from milk to electronics
Discover products from local shops and restaurants
30-day free trial
20% off diapers subscriptions
15% Baby Registry Discount
Gap1-the listening gap
Gap3-the performance gap

Gap2-the design and standards gap
Gap4-the communication gap
Good management

With internet,Amazon could know what their customer's consuming habit then create a unique and personal shopping list for their customers.
Take responsibility for their
Amazon have their own mature return system.
If you have any problems with your stuff.
You can use their return system to get your money back.(Easy operation,convenient,fast)

You can purchase things by our iphone
,ipad,computer.No need to go to shopping mall.Most of Amazon's employees are software engineer because they don't need shopkeepers to sell things but keep updating their informations.

Fast speed
Amazon have faster website service.Their customers could browse their websites quickly.You can spent less time but view more things.
Customers can have orders delivered to their homes at dawn or during a specified daytime window.
A variety of home page
Amazon's homepage is clean and professional.They have little change in thier home page everyday to show their concern to latest trend.
High efficiency
Amazon will return thier customer's email in two days.
Special services
For examples,in 1999 christmas.Amazon package their products for free.To give childs surprise.
Reasonable prices
Amazon's products are all sale tax free!And they don't have to pay the shop rent and hire shopkeepers.
Human right problems
As a manager said"Unofficially,you are a robot.
Its not easy to be a robot.Every workers have a ipad.Through GPS when workers walk too slow or delay.Ipad will report to their boss automatically.
Every workers have to walk 11~24KM everyday.
And no speaking during work.
Respect problem
After leaving work location.Workers have to pass a scanned tunel to make sure no one to lead away a goat in passing.
Unstable job
Emplyees may be fired anytime.
With low pay and high risk to be fired.
Target group
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