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Romeo and Juliet

No description

Hannah Adamson

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare borrowed the plot from an Italian tale titled "The Tragic History of Romeus and Juliet" by Arthur Brooke (who wrote it in 1562) as well as a retelling titled "Palace of Pleasure" by William Painter (who wrote it in 1567).
Shakespear vs Brooke
>Brooke's version of Romeo and Juliet acted as a cautionary tale that warned the reader not to give into lust and listen to their parents advice, or they would suffer the same fate as Romeo and Juliet
>Brooke's version took place over nine months, while Shakespear's was five days.
>Juliet was sixteen in Brooke's original version, while she wasn"t even fourteen in Shakespear's.
My Argument
Many of the adaptations of "Romeo and Juliet" are directed towards a younger viewing audience. Because of this, the original plot is "watered down" so it is easier for kids to comprehand (and not have them be traumatized by all of the deaths).
Main Characters
: a Montague; falls in love with Juliet; dies.
: a Capulet; falls in love with Romeo; dies.
Friar Lawrence
: marries Romeo and Juliet; let off the hook at the end
: friend of Romeo; dies in a swordfight.
>Tybalt: Juliet's cosuin; dies at the hands of Romeo

My Adaptation
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child
>released September 8, 1982 (in the US)
>an exception: includes character death (Teak sacrifices herself, Syrius and Malta commit suicide to be together then are turned into stars)
Class Discussion
>What are some adaptations of Romeo and Juliet you've seen/heard of?
>What are some of your favorites?
>What are some good ones? Bad ones?
Romeo and Juliet
by: Hannah Adamson

Work Cited
> https://www.bl.uk/collection-items/brookes-romeus-and-juliet
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