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No description

Shayla Charnett

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Biohacking

What is Biohacking? "The art and science of maximizing your biological potential"
In other words, altering or enhancing the natural human condition
Managing one's biology using a combination of medical, nutritional, and electronic techniques
Uses a hacker ethic - free access to information and improvement to the quality of life
DIY biology and gene sequencing
Can branch into transhumanism, but there are different groups of biohackers that have varying ideals Who are Biohackers? There are a few main movements, and endless sub-categories
The primary groups:
DIY Biohackers - Unprofessionals who use blogs, forums, and Youtube to share information
they believe in making the tools and resources available to anyone
Grinders - Also unprofessionals who are often associated with body piercers
They believe in hacking themselves with technology and hardware in order to improve the capabilities of humans
Non-hierarchical science
Professional scientists - They have full medical teams and equipment
Most of them are focused on medical need, such as amputees, rather than improving human biology
They are able to use anesthesia unlike DIY and Grinders How biohacking will affect you Important Biohackers Potential Issues & Concerns Ethics
Different moral philosophies about the merging of organic matter with technology might clash
People may question what they consider "being human" is
Some have argued that altering biology is "Playing God"
Some have argued that the increase in technology will cause people to follow science rather than religion
As more scientific materials,
instruments and resources
are made available, individuals may be able to create toxins, agents, and biological weapons
Lepht Anonym A controversial biohacker who performed harmful self-surgeries using household items such as kitchen knives and vodka to sterilize Professor Kevin Warwick One of the most significant biohacker scientists who created a robotic hand that he can manipulate with his thoughts, (like Luke Skywalker's hand) and his wife has it as well so when someone touches her hand he can feel it in his. Grindhouse Wetwares - Shawn Sarver & Tim Cannon Self-described techno-libertarians who created a device called the Bottlenose which goes on a finger and sends out an electromagnetic pulse that measures the amount of time it takes to bounce back so that the user can determine the shapes of things around them and how far they are Neil Harbisson The first human cyborg recognized by the government who designed and wears an Eyeborg which is a camera attached to his head that picks up the colors right in front of him and converts them in real-time into sound waves. Anybody who can navigate Google and Youtube can be a biohacker
Piercing/Tattoo studios may have body modifications such as magnet implantations available
It will create new medical technologies
More ways to modify and personalize one's body
New art forms
New products like Google Glass will enable people to more easily share content and use the internet
More ways to connect to the internet and procrastinate New Technologies Project Google Glass
Wearable computer glasses that have a head mounted display
Can take videos and photos
Uses Apps
Voice Commands

Ellen Jorgensen: Biohacking you can do it, too! Kevin Warwick
Government Involvement & Regulation
Governments may regulate the access to materials and who can have that access
Fear of terrorism with biowarfare
DIY Biohackers may decrease the demand/ recognition of professional scientists with degrees (Ex: The need to see a doctor)
Big businesses might get a hold of new bio-technologies and market them in order to make money
Add to consumerism and capitalism
New Social Statuses
For a time, it is likely that only the rich upper classes will be able to afford these new technologies so it may divide classes further
May strengthen social classes (For example: Certain brands of technologies might separate the "cool/popular" people from those who don't own that brand Ariel Garten: Implants, Technology & The Future of Healthcare Know thyself, with a brain scanner From connectivity with others... ...to personal improvement from knowing how your mind works... ...and improving bodily health and unfortunate afflictions. An important theme that Marie Lu explores in her novel "Legend" is about how the government controls and abuses their medical power, which results in a dramatic class division In Octavia Butler's "Dawn," the concept of transhumanism is explored with the enhancements that the Oankali give Lilith. As a result, she and the other humans question what it means to be human, and whether they want new capabilities. In her article "Colonizing Bodies," Stephanie Guerra
gives us examples of young adult novels that envision futures involving biotechnical subjection of humans by big corporations. Magnetic implants in fingers serve as a stepping stone for greater DIY biohack projects. They allow the user to feel electromagnetic fields. Biohacking can be associated with the
Humanity+ organization
http://humanityplus.org/ Further Resources http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/8/3177438/cyborg-america-biohackers-grinders-body-hackers http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/disruptions-no-words-no-gestures-just-your-brain-as-a-control-pad/ http://collaborate.biohack.me/Grinder_Resource_Library http://diybio.org/local/ https://noisebridge.net/wiki/BioBridge http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm http://www.synbioproject.org/topics/synbio101/ http://hplusmagazine.com/2012/12/06/kaylene-kaus-tentacle-prosthetic-and-beyond/ http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/08/mf_diylab/ http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2012/03/how-to/make-a-biohack-lab Articles Technologies Resources for biohackers Get an idea of who the Pittsburgh Grinders are...
and see a magnetic implantation surgery (not for the squeamish) By Shayla Charnett
Darshan Campos
RRS 280
13 May 2013
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