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Andrew Attanasio

No description

Ms. Davis

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Andrew Attanasio

Who is Lily Diuble ?
Age: 12
All about Lily Diuble
At birth, Lily Diuble was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome. Usher Syndrome is a disease that can make you blind and even deaf. She tries to travel as much as she can.
Why do I want to be like her
I want to be like Lily Diuble because I want to feel what she deals with everyday.
What makes Lily Diuble famous
She is famous because since she was in 2nd grade, Lily has raised money for the foundation Fighting Blindness as a part of it's annual VisionWalk.
Her biggest accomplish ever was that she gets to go where ever she can around the world to see national places because she is almost blind and deaf

Lily Diuble by: Andrew Attanasio

Job: Student
Manchester, Michigan
Why is she inspiring me
She inspires me because she is fighting for Usher Syndrome.
What is her biggest accomplish.
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