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03.06 Human Impacts on the Environment

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tina harris

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of 03.06 Human Impacts on the Environment

Describing my Source
Fossil Fuel - Natrual Gas
Renewable Energy Resource - Solar Power.
Disadvantages Of Sources
Natural Gas
1. Natural gas is highly volatile
2. Creates Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Solar Power
1. Very Expensive
2.Cloudy Skies Reduce Effectiveness
Advantages Of Sources
Natural Gas
1.Less Harmful Than Coil Or Oil
2.Not Poisonous or Harmful to Humans

Solar Power
1. It is infinite
2.Does Not Cause Pollution
How does collecting this source effect enviornment? And how is using this effecting the enviornment ? (two questions in one)
Natrual Gas
-It is a Fossil Fuel there fore it produces CO2 also being a greenhouse gas, it contributes to global warning ,it is non renewable ,and is not being used in a sustainable manner.

Solar Power- It is a renewable source, but highly expensive, not really a cause to global warning it is safe to use except that it can cause cancer or damage to eyes if starred at.
Compare the cost of both resources. Which is more expensive to create? Which is more expensive to use?
Solar power can go to up to 60 million dollars while Natural Gas can go up to 2 trillion
so i believe that Natrual gas is more expensive
(did some research on fossil fuel prices and renewable energy prices )
03.06 Human Impacts on the Environment
The type of fossil fuel that i choose to do will be (Natural Gas), and for my renewable energy resource will be (solar Power)
What technology is involved in gathering or using this resource?
Solar Energy - Solar panels
Natural Gas- underground gas fields
How do we use this resource to generate electricity?
Natural Gas-Natural gas power production process begins with the extraction of natural gas, continues with it's treatment and transport to the power plants and ends with combustion boilers and turbines to generate electricity
Solar Power-Solar Panels are used to turn sun into electricity for our every day use in home or outdoor appliances.
What are the potential hazards associated with using and this resource? (include at least two)
Natural Gas-
1. Gas Leaks
2.Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Solar Power
1. habitat loss
2. hazardous materials in manufacturing
If this were to be our primary way for generating electricity what effect would this have on individuals and the environment?
If these were our primary way for generating electricity the impact it would have on us would be , the cost on our sources, and how we use them , the impact it can have on the environment , would be pollution, the effect the solar power has on habitats of living .
You have studied and researched different forms of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Based on your research and or the information you have leaned in lesson 3.05 and 3.06, what recommendations would you make to local officials regarding the types of resources that could be used to generate electricity?
The reccomendations i would tell people to use would to use anything that has renewable source because even tho they are very expensive they are more safe and more efficient for using purposes they are renewable so you would never have a problem having to use more or running out.
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