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No description

Harold Williams

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of PlanningII

Action Steps

Webster's: ...the end toward which effort is directed...
At ATCIC, our Goals define those elements that are most critical to the success of our organization - critical to our clients, our stakeholders, and our staff.
Webster's: ...a strategic position to be attained or purpose to be achieved....
At the organizational level we expect that concerted planning by the
Divisions in ATCIC will accomplish these objectives.

Webster's: ...the art of devising or employing plans toward a goal...
Each ATCIC Division will develop Strategies to accomplish the Objectives and Goals of the organization.

Webster's: ...a mark to shoot at...
Each Division will establish Targets that will
measure their progress toward accomplishing
their Strategies.

Webster's: ...an action, proceeding, or
measure often occurring as one in a series...
At ATCIC these are the specific measurable,
possibly quantifiable, tasks that can be used to
identify progress toward accomplishing Division
Targets and Strategies and ATCIC Objectives and
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