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Implied Main Idea

No description

Juan Rivera

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Implied Main Idea

Implied Main Idea Lesson vocabulary Synthesize - to combine so as to form a new idea How to Identify
Implied Main Ideas Step 1 - Determine what the paragraph is about Step 2 - Find and list details. Step 3 - Determine the message the author is trying to convey. Step 4 - Summarize the implied main idea Lupita Sanchez scanned the classroom, looking for the most inconspicuous place to sit. She decided on the second row on the other side of the room, by the window. She kept her eyes firmly fixed on the seemingly endless rows of corn in the fields outside the window as the other students entered the room. After the bell rang, a quick glance around the room confirmed her worst fear: The room was filled with nothing but blond-haired, blue-eyed teenagers as alike as the cornstalks in the field and as different from her as night and day. Learn how to combine and synthesize the details in a passage to determine its implied main idea Step 1 - What is this paragraph about? A girl named Lupita Sanchez. Step 2 - Find and list details looking for the most inconspicuous place to sit.
her worst fear.
different from her as night and day. Step 3 - Determine the message the author is trying to convey Lupita is afraid of the students in the classroom Step 4 - Summarize the implied main idea. Lupita Sanchez is a new students at a school where she feels very different from the other students. An immigrant girl in a new school inconspicuous place to sit. her worst fear different from her as night and day Main Idea: Lupita is a new student at a school where she feels very different from the other students. ASSIGNMENT Determine the implied main idea from the following passage: Jim had first met Ginger seventeen years earlier at the wedding of a mutual friend in Pittsburgh. No sparks flew immediately, but when they met again at another wedding two years later, Jim asked Ginger for a date. When they started going out, Ginger and Jim did not seem to have a lot in common. Jim, who was born in Baltimore but grew up in Florida, was working for a small law firm. He loved New York. Ginger, who had an electrical engineering degree from Rutgers and was taking night courses at New York University, still lived with her parents in New Jersey while working at Bell Labs. She was not all that fond of the city. Jim like baseball and had season tickets to the Yankees, but Ginger did not care much for the game; Jim liked the ballet, while Ginger preferred the opera. But there were many things they both enjoyed. They both loved to try the food of different countries, for example a pleasure that New York, with its many restaurants offered. Two years later, Jim and Ginger were married. What strategies can a reader use to determine the main idea when it is implied? What do we do to answer the LEQ? Summary - Plus/Minus/Intriguing 1) Write something that you thought was positive about the lesson.

2) Write something that you didn't like about the lesson.

3) Write about something that you found interesting or that you didn't understand about the lesson.
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