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Persuasive Techniques- Grade 7

No description

Noelle Bordelon

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Techniques- Grade 7

grade 7 Persuasive Techniques Propaganda is advertizement that uses biased or misleading information to promote a product, political cause, or point of view. What is Propaganda? Faulty cause and effect is basically saying that a relationship existed between two parties/subjects exists when no real relationship is actual present Faulty Cause and Effect Emotional Appeal Name Calling Bandwagon Evidence Claims Transfer Positive and Negative Bias Fear Objective vs. Subjective Wit and Humor Testimonial/Endorsement Snob Appeal Emotional Words Compare/Contrast Glittering Generalities Card Stacking Slogan Jingle Factual/Opinionated Examples people who only hear one side, believe it automatically, and don’t bother with the other side are bias. Example, have you ever gotten into an argument with a sibling that’s younger than you, and they want something you have, so you go to your parents as a tie-breaker. Then they side with your sibling, because they`re younger and don’t understand no, but your parents tell them no on stuff they have all the time. That’s your parents being bias. They look at things one sided. words that make you feel a certain way when you hear them, like divorce will make you feel sad for the kid, angry at the parents who split, and miserable for themselves if they are the kid that the parents had before they split. Its words that truly strike a nerve. saying that you have a better chance of keeping safe, if you buy the item, like alarm systems, smoke detectors, and password protectors. They work on peoples weak spots, like protecting family, children, and pets. It really gets the market going when it involves your loved ones. Have you ever seen a commercial when a house is broken into, and you or your parents feel like that could happen to you, that’s using fear to get to a loved one. emotional appeal is when an advertizement appeals to a persons sence of compassion, or appeals to your emotions This technique links a person to something negative. It tries to get us to not like someone. This technique uses adjectives with negative meanings. bandwagon is an approach that uses the reasoning that because everyone else dose something, you should too. A famous person endorses an idea, a product, a candidate and says the person uses it or votes for them and so should we. People will buy a product if they like the celebrity who endorses it. A jingle is a short song used in advertisement to catch the viewer or listeners attention. Factual is something that can be proven with real information. more examples this way faulty cause and effect reasoning says A causes B with out any real relationship present this advertizement implies that you need to know where to heart institute is after you go to a burger king, when in real scene, there inst a real relationship in this advertisement, it claims that if you drink this energy drink, you will get wings, when in reality, no real relationship is present why are these examples faulty cause and effect? Maddie was intimidate declared abducted:
-while "checking on the children" Kate "discovered" Maddie gone and her imitate response was, "they've taken her"
-when gerry was asked by the nighbor what was going on, he said "a child's been abducted" rather than "my daughter is missing the truth my have been:
-Maddie could have woken up and wandeered, looking for her parents
-Maddie could have been hideing in the flat examples -ASPCA commercials
-feed the children adds
-clef palet adds
-toms comertials
-disabeled veterans . Examples The talking gecko makes customers laugh and attracts them to the commercials and ads. They start paying more attention to the commercials because they entertain them. Example Customers are attracted to products that distract the audience by giving viewers a reason to laugh or to be entertained by clever use of of pictures or language. QAR: What are the characteristics of Wit and Humor?
Answer: Customers get attracted to products that entertain them or make them laugh, so they buy the product. QAR: What are the characteristics of testimonial and endorsement?
Answer: When a famous person represents a product or candidate, saying that everyone should use the product or should vote for a certain someone. Taylor Swift drinks milk and so should you!(: Example in weight loss smothie adds, they show lots of shaply people that say the drink worked for them, so others automaticly think it will work for them Example In a campaign , one candidate might say
"Christian should not be president because hes immature." This technique is direct, and clearly expressed. It can be proven true or false, if found false the advertiser can get in trouble for false information. Evidence Claims Example If someone said "Olive Garden uses roadkill for meat", and put it on the internet where everyone can see it, the person who wrote it could get in trouble with false claims. This technique connects a product, candidate, or a cause with a positive idea. Transfer Positive and Negative Example Mitt Romney should be president because he is smarter than Obama. Objective Example: “There
was a long line of traffic on 322 today,
probably four miles long, and it took me 45
minutes to get from Rt. 1 to I-95.” Do you get
any indication of how this driver feels about
the subject (the traffic)? Not really. Subjective Example: “There was an
endless line of traffic on Rt. 322 today; the
road was clogged for four claustrophobic
miles; I had to inch my way for 45 minutes
before I got to I-95.” No doubt how this
driver feels about traffic. Objective words or information is “neutral” because they aren’t likely to carry any emotional charge. They carry information but not much feeling about that information. They are neutral because they don’t make you feel positive or negative aboutthe subject they describe. Subjective words or pieces of information are positively or negatively charged, in that
they do convey a good or bad impression of
their subject. These words carry attitude,
feeling, perspective, mood—a positive or
negative charge. Arrogant
Hate Emotional words Activity Arrogant
Hate Emotional Words The
Monkey Non-Emotional Words This accident could happen to you, and if you had this security system,(example, ADT) you could prevent it from ever happening. This is a way to convince you to buy a system that doesn’t list benefits, or say everyone has it. Example A friend tells you that they saw this commercial for a new security system, that they want you to try. So they try and convince you to try it by listing all of the benefits. Then they start telling you everyone has it, and you just must buy it. “Now tell me exactly what happened,” my mother says to my sister and me.
I wanted sissy`s toy!!!” my little sister says.
“Ok, Susan, give Meg your toy,” my mother says.
“Susan, now,” my mother says. I begrudgingly handed her the small figurine. “ Thank you Susan, your sister doesn’t know the word no, like you.”
“But she’s six,” I say, but my mom stopped listening. Examples “What Happened,” my mom exclaimed.
“I want her toy,” my six year old sister exclaimed while giving mom puppy eyes.
“She wants my favorite glass toy mom,” I say.”
“Ok, the verdict is, Meg, you have hundreds of toys, but that’s not yours.”
“Thanks, mom,” I say with a winning smile. Opinionated is the way a person feels about one subject, person, place, or thing. Example: Example: Oscar Mayer Bologna song (1973) is still in the memory of people today. card stacking is type of propoganda that involves only saying things that reflect on you positively. Example: A minister of a new church sets up in a poor area, feeds lies to people who will listen, tells them of how the poor will be saved and so on. Example: She dodges the orange barrels of road-widening crews spreading
asphalt in a futile effort to keep up with a north Fulton County
population that has swelled to 273,000 from 170,000 in the 90’s,
a decade when the city of Atlanta barely grew, to 416,000 from
394,000. Sidewalks start and stop. No one dares ride a bicycle or
walk a dog. She crosses over Georgia 400, the clogged artery that
pumps hundreds of thousands of commuters into Alpharetta’sglass and brushed-metal office parks and, an hour’s drive south, into downtown Atlanta.
She passes developments that from the air look like petri dishes
of tadpoles, each head a cul-de-sac. In new subdivisions, signs in
fancy script trumpet “price points,” to show relos where to roost:
Brookdale, $300’s; Wildwood, $400’s; Wolf Creek, $300’s to
$500’s; Quail Hollow, $500’s; Inverness, $600’s to $800’s; White
Columns, $700’s to $1.5 million; Greystone, $900’s to $4 million. Activity RT:Can different emotional words make you feel different when you hear them?
Answer: Yes, they can make you feel thousands of ways.
TSF:List 5 ways emotional words can make you feel.
Answer:Happy, sad, angry, sorry, and small.
AM: What are 3 emotional words that "hit home" to you?
Answer: Arrogant, abuse, and empower.
OMO: How does empower make you feel?
Answer: It makes me feel strong, and independent. Emotional words QAR RT: When is fear used?
Answer: By companies that sell things for protection.
TSF:What are some products indorsers might use fear to cell?
Answer: Alarm systems, smoke detectors, and password protectors
AM: Whats one way people could use fear to persuade you?
OMO:What do you think advertisers could do to sell a smoke detector?
Answer: Show a fire and say it didnt have to happen Fear QAR RT: What happens when your bias?
Answer: You only see one side of a story.
TSF: How many sides of the story are there in bias.
Answer: One that you listen to, and one you never hear.
AM: If you had the choice To be bias or not, would you?
Answer: No, I think every ones opinion counts.
OMO: If you were in court and your friends case was on trial and you knew they were innocent, would you listen to all sides?
Answer: Yes, everyone dissevers a fair chance. Bias QAR • The National School Lunch Program feeds more than 31 million children every school day.
18 million of those children qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. (Factual) (Opinionated) Some schools have really good food, others not. I think parents should know what is going on in the cafeteria. After all , they pay the taxes. I'm sure a lot of parents would not even eat the things they're kids are eating daily.
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