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Create your own Business Project

No description

River Ramos

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Create your own Business Project

Create your own Business

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
It is a family friendly restaurant
We serve a variety of food from burgers to pizza
Cheap and tasty food
You can get order in or pick up
We Deliver
Family Food
Looking for a restaurant that is not only family friendly, but also cheap and delicious? Well, we have the perfect place for you! Family Food. We are the founders River and Malcolm.
Our main Competitors are places like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's.
Our product mix is a line of food
27 Food
Product Mix
Promotional Strategy
Our main way of advertising is through the internet, we would have ads up on social medias and on YouTube. As well as our website.

Burger- $3
Fries- $1
onion Rings- $1.50
Pizza single- $5
Pizza medium- $8.50
Pizza Large- $10
Hot Dog- $3
salads- $5
Drinks small- $1
Drink medium- $2
Drink Large- $4
Bottles Soda- $7
Shakes- $5
Smoothies- $6
Our franchises are locatated in major cities and stops along the highway
Chicken sandwiches- $3
Chicken nuggets- $4
Tacos (beef chicken or steak)- $5 for 3
Salsa- $6
Nachos- $5.25
Kids meals small fries and drink (with choice of single pizza, hotdog, burger, chicken nuggets, Mac n' Cheese)- $7
Orange/apple Juice- $2
Chicken Noodle Soup- $7
Meatball Sub- $4
Pancakes- $5.50
breakfast sandwiches- $2
Coffee- $3
Ice coffee- $4
Hot Chocolate- $3.50
Waffles- $3
Muffins- $2
Fruit Salad- $4
Milk (white or chocolate)- $1.50
Our target audience are families struggling financially, that is why our food is cheaper than most of our competitor

We started this business because we could not find good, cheap food anywhere! But now with Family Food, there is finally a place where you can buy good, cheap food.
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