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The Mary Campbell Center

No description

Morgan Brandenberger

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of The Mary Campbell Center

The Mary Campbell Center
History of the Mary Campbell Center
The Success
Most Important thing about MCC
What is the Mary Campbell Center?
The Mary Campbell Center is a nonprofit organization and is a residential facility, located in Wilmington, DE.
The MCC is home 67 residents with physical and intellectual disabilities
Outside of the MCC
The Children and Youth Program
Children & Youth
3-21 year old with special needs and their siblings
Offers a variety of programs throughout the school year
Kitchen Skills
Fitness/Health Activities
Arts and Crafts
Swim Lessons
Special Olympics
Family Events
Holiday Parties
Snow Tubing
Theme Nights
The C+Y Program also offers Schools Out days during Winter Break and Spring Fling during Spring Break
Summer Camp
2 week sessions, 5 sessions
Field Trips on Tuesday's and Thursday's

Children and Youth Manager
- Karleen O'Brien-McCann
- kobrien@marycampbellcenter.org
What does Mary Campbell do?

The Mary Campbell Center provides a home away from home for their residents.
Residents can participate in a number of activities and therapies throughout the day.
Learning Center to further their education,
The Mary Campbell Center also provides multiple therapies
Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Massage Therapy to residents.
They do this through Active Treatment,
The MCC also has a day program for some individuals, where they can get the same treatment as residents.
Children and Youth
The Mission and Values
At The Mary Campbell Center
We focus

on the individuals we are able to serve, each having special needs, and with the goal that each will live a happy and productive life within a homelike setting.

We recognize
the importance of community and we cultivate relationships that benefit all.

We perform
our work with the highest quality through the efforts of committed, compassionate, and competent people.

Who does MCC represent & who benefits?
The Mary Campbell Center represents those with physical and intellectual disabilities and their families

Residents, families and other caregivers can benefit from the MCC
Provides them with a home away from home
promote independence
Families and Caregivers
Provides them with a sense of security
Provides them with respite care of the everyday challenges of having a loved one with special needs
In 1969, Chuck and Charm Welch started to explore the idea or creating a residential facility for adults with multiple disabilities because their daughter, Charmie, had special needs and her needs were increasing as she became older.
Chuck and Charm wanted to ensure Charmie would be cared for if they were no longer able to provide the proper care her.
They wanted to create a facility that had a home-like atmosphere unlike traditional institutions.
Joined forces with Joesph Picciotti and Dick DiSabatino
Amos Campbell, who owned a 10 acre farm on Weldin Road, where he lived with his wife, Mary and their daughter Evelyn, who had Down Syndrome.
Amos agreed to donate the land to build the facility as long as his daughter was cared for.
The Center was named after Amos’ wife and the doors opened in 1976. Charmie Welch and Evelyn Campbell were among the first residents at MCC.

The MCC also provides respite care to adults and children, by keeping 2 respite beds open
The Children & Youth Programs are open to 3-21 year old with special needs and their siblings.
To be a collaborative community that seeks and applies innovation to enhance the well-being and independence of those who choose our care.

Together, we discover, grow, and celebrate abilities.
The Center was so successful that in 1985, the needed to expand.
With the help of the friends and founders, the MCC introduced:
the Joseph J. Picciotti Jr. Hydrotherapy Center, which features a moveable hydraulic pool floor
The Jean-Louis Vermeli Physical Therapy Room
The Learning Center.
In 1997, the Center grew once again, adding Zee Wing to the Center, which was Skilled Nursing Unit, for those with more extensive needs.
This expansion also allowed to the Children and Youth Program to begin
Then in 2007, the All-Star Room, MCC’s “family room” double in size and added the Snoezelen Room for sensory stimulation.
MCC strives to be a home-like facility to its Residents.
We are not an institution
Children & Youth
Improves social & rec skills through play, while promoting independence & problem solving, teamwork, self-esteem & growth
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