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Rosa Parks vs Homer Plessy

Rosa Parks Vs. Homer Plessy

Thomas Black

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Rosa Parks vs Homer Plessy

Rosa Parks Full name is Rosa louise Parks considered the mother of
modern day civil rights movement Born in Tuskegee Alabama On december 14, 1955 Rosa parks would take a stand on a bus that would forever change the course of racial discrimination and the civil rights movement for african americans Forever. ON December 14, 1955 Rosa parks coming home from a long days work boarded the Montgomery city Bus, to go home. She sat in the middle of the bus just behind the seats reserved for the whites. Before long the bus became full. She was asked by the driver to give up her seat for a white man that had just boarded needing a seat. Rosa being tired of discrimination quietly and peacefully Refused to do so. She was soon arrested and convicted of violating the laws of segregation. But rosa was quoted saying that day “I knew that I had the strength of my ancestors with me.” Rosa parks soon sparked a civil rights revolution. A group named the Montgomery Improvement Association soon organized a group of protesters to protest The city buses. A young preacher by the name of Martin Luther king Jr. was elected as their new leader. Together They led a bus boycott that lasted 381 days until December 1956 when the supreme court finally ruled that the bus segregation law was unfair and unconstitutional. This sparked a new ideal and led the way for many more Peaceful civil rights protest to come. vs Homer Plessy Homer Plessy In 1890 Louisiana passed a law saying Whites and Blacks had to ride in separate Train cars. The white train cars were much cleaner than the Black cars. If you were a black and were caught sitting in a white car you would be fined 25 dollars or 20 days in jail. In 1892 Homer Plessy a 30 year old shoemaker sat in the white car on the East Louisiana Railroad. He was asked to move to the black car but refused therefore he was arrested. Plessy was only seven-eights white and one-eighth Black, but the law said if you had any black ancestors you were considered black.
In court Plessy argued The 13Th and 14Th amendments. The 13Th amendment made slavery illegal in the united states, while the 14Th stated that that all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States and of the state where they live. Judge Ferguson the judge in the state court ruled that plessy was guilty because The state of Louisiana could regulate the laws of that particular railroad because it only ran in the state of louisiana. Plessy then took his case to the supreme court. Plessy argued that the separate but equal law violated the 13Th and 14TH amendments. Unfortunately to Plessys disadvantage in 1896 the court ruled that Louisiana state law did not violate the constitution. They're argument was plessy was not being forced to be a slave and that he was just being separated not being treated unfairly. There was only one court justice on plessy's side it was a man named John Harlen he said our constitution is color-Blind. ROSA PARKS HOMER PLESSY Compare Rosa Parks Homer Plessy Contrast Fought for seat on vehicle Went to supreme court Both were arrested Both refused to move from their seats Both argued the amendments of the constitution One was in 1955 one in 1892. One made a civil rights movement one didn't. One was in a bus one in a train. Parks incident had more of an impact Personal Thoughts Our personal thoughts on topic are- We think both Rosa Parks and Homer Plessy were right in their arguments, and both cases are very similar but we believe Rosa parks had more of an impact by influencing the civil rights movement, and we believe she brought about more change, and more rights for the african american people. If it wasn't for Rosa parks the civil rights movement may have not taken place and civil rights for african americans may have never been achieved. Homer Pleesy however still argued a good point and opened more peoples eyes to the unfair treatment of african americans and he did convince some people such as court justice John Harlen as to why according to the constitution Blacks should have just as many rights as the white man.
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