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No description

Julia Gillespie

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Consumerism

How Much Alchohol
is purchaced, and consumed
in Canada???? $18 billion Thats the total sale
at beer and liquor stores
in Canada
in 2007 2.3 Billion Thats the number of litres of beer
Canadians purchased
in 2007 $$$$$$$$$$$$ The amount,
on average,
each canadian spent on alchohol
in 2007
is $667 Hmmm.. Lets find out! The consumption of alcholic beverages in Canada
totals up to 115.75 Liters Per person. 2.3 BILLION ( eighteen billion dollars!!! ) Litres! Why is this bad? Drinking alchohol can lead to liver toxicity and disease
it damages dendrites (the branched end of nerve cells that bring messages into the cell), causing disruptions to brain function
it is capabl of rupturing blood capillaries and veins
& much more.
also, the consumption of alchohol leads to accidents due to drunk driving, which may result in dealth. --------------> Dead THE END ----> Drunk driving related deaths
are so often that in the US
every day, someone is killed
by a drunk driver every 40 minutes. and what are the consequences?
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