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Othello Questions

No description

estevan cavazos

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Othello Questions

2.Who were the Venetians? they were powerful rich people
because they were good at trading
they were well respected in Othello 3.How were the Moors/Venetians regarded in Shakespeare’s day? The Moors were known as monstrous and savage in Elizabethan England. Being a differenct skin color other than white meant you were non english and non christian. General : the leader of the army in the city or state where they severing.
Lieutenant : they are the ones who gives orders to lower ranked soliders. 4.What were the military duties of ranked officer? 5.What was the military Hierarchy? The military hierarchy was the military salaries were obtained by victories. The kick out cities and got gain that became their rewards for military services the Moors were people of dark skin from eastern Africa and were Muslim. 1.Who were the Moors? 6.What was the role of women? women were meant only to marry. 7.What was expected of a daughter? They had to obey their father, they had no voice 9.What was expected of a bride? They were expected to obediance, trust and loyalty. 10.What relationships between men and women were considered above reproach? Othello, was caused by men's misconceptions and misunderstanding of woman, and they are unable to do anything to protect themselves from men's conceptions of them through their actions. 11.What rules for getting married existed at the time of the play? The rules that existed at the time of the play for getting married was women were suppose to be faithful and respectful to their fathers and family. 12.What were the rules of courtship? The rules of courtship were parents and friends were matchmakers. The lands pass down to the oldest son to ban of his siblings.
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