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expressive color

No description

Ashley Fikes

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of expressive color

By: Ashley Fikes Definition Example The expressive forms from this picture are:
The blue face belonging to the woman on the right side.
Also, the effulgent yellow to red hair color on the other woman sitting down.
Lastly, the two men possess a eery green complexion Expressive Color: When artists make the decision to portray an image with a unrealistic color. For example, a painting of a purple apple. This substitution of color may refer to how the artists emotion, conceptual trickery, or ridding completely of the colors description purposes. Expressive color is also referred to as subjective color.
It was incredibly popular in the late 1800s and impressionist artists.
"Moulin Rouge" by Luatrec Expressive Color Works Cited http://art.nmu.edu/cognates/concepts/175_color.html
http://home.vs.moe.edu.sg/whitenoise/F_C_E.html Example #2 "Dresden Street" by Kirchner The green and orange faces of the french women are expressive colors especially because their hands are different colors then their faces.
The pink street.
The incorrect colors make the painting stand out and catch the viewers attention.
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