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The Year I Was Born: 1994

Things that happened, were popular, and around in the year I was born in....1994.


on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of The Year I Was Born: 1994

The Year I Was Born: 1994 Entertainment Most Requested Pop song All I Wanna Do By: Sheryl Crow Sexiest Actor? Brad Pitt Top 5 TV Shows Watched Seinfield ER Home Improvement Monday Night Football Grace Under Fire T E C H N O L O G Y Picture taking advances The first digital camera was made open to the public that could be hooked up to a compuer via cable. Famouse website created A major building opened in 1994 The Channel Tunnel Local Events Local Events Malcolm X's Daughter was arrested for
plotting a murder Ku Klux Klan killed Civil Rights Leader, Medgar Evers O. J. Simpson was arrested for killing wife and friend S p o r s t World Records Made Aleksander Popov swimming 47.83 100m freestyle Yat Weiju swimming 58.71 100m butterfly Zhong Weiju swimming 25m pool record 58.71 Top 3 most noticable sports Baseball (World Series)

Soccer (World Cup)

Boxing (Heavy Weight Champion, Oldest Heavyweight Champion George Foreman at the age of 45 Trend s High Top fade was a popular hairstyle
amongst African Americans. These colors, Camel Navy Blue Black and grey were the popular colors for ladies coats. Anna Hirsekorn
Mod8/Hour7 Kim Il-Sung, leader of North Korea, died on July 8. Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty on October 17th. "Carlos the Jackal", an international terrorist, was caught on August 15. George Foreman) The Year I Was Born: 1994 Anna Hirsekorn
Mod8/Hour7 World Events World Events UFO Overalls were a World Events popular clothing item. Picture taking advances Grace Under Fire Bibliography .png,9171,982056,00.html High Top fade was a popular hairstyle
amongst African Americans. - - - - - - - - High Top fade was a popular hairstyle
amongst African Americans. The Channel Tunnel Sports Thank You!
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