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Singapore 2020

No description

Michelle Ong

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Singapore 2020

Into The Future of
Singapore 2020 Politics
Legal P.E.S.T.E.L Analysis Increased in opposition MPs in Parliament
- more than 20% opposition seats
Emphasis on workers’ benefits
- lower taxes, higher wages for lower income
Closer bilateral ties with China & India
– the economy Giant Fully automated work processes
- manual labour is unnecessary
More knowledge jobs
- less manual work
China becomes the world’s largest economy
- increase in GDP
Increasing uncertainty in financial markets
- unstable economy Aged population
- 13.5% of Singapore population aged 65 & above
Longer life expectancy
- people live longer
Higher literacy rate
- more graduates with high qualifications
Higher literacy rate
- more graduates with high qualifications
Low birth rate
- busy lifestyle & high costs of living
Less face-to-face interaction
- development in communication media / virtual networks Politics Economy Social Healthcare/medical advances
- cloning of vital organs
Vending machines everywhere for necessities
- people having busy lifestyle
& always on-the-go
Digital wallet
- cashless payment
Enhanced flexible OLED technology
- replace tablet & mobile devices
Eye identification device
- no more identification card Technology Less paper usage
- documents can be accessed via mobile devices
More energy (electricity) usage
- rise in fuel consumption
Extraordinary climate phenomenon
- extreme heat, raining snow, tsunami Ecology Focus on cyber security
- more laws & policies on
information technology
iPrison Legal Casual and relaxing ambience for diners to enjoy authentic & quality Japanese food at affordable prices. With the state of the art technologies utilised by the restaurant, customers start to enjoy a pleasure & quality dinning experiences from the moment they choose to dine with us. Saka Sushi Bar At 2012 In 2020 Roles :
Ensure smooth operations of restaurant kitchen
Ensure top quality dishes are prepared and served to customers
Develop creative menus
Set menu pricing Skills & Knowledge
New trend of diners’ food preference
- Aging populations
Latest technology in food preparation and supplies
- Synthetic Biology
Excellent chemo-sensation skills Executive Chef / Cuisine Adviser In 2020 Roles :
Oversee & improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of company mission
Ensure quality of customer service
Play a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence.
Keeping the restaurant in compliance with the F&B industry legislations Restaurant Manager / Business Innovator In 2020 Roles :
Develops, implements and manage the company’s advertising both from a business and sales
Organizing and executing marketing events and provide event site support 
Plans and executes strategies to promote the restaurant’s products and services as to attain the business objectives. Marketing Manager / MarAd Manager Skills & Knowledge
At least possess a degree in marketing management with 6 years experience in a regional Marketing management role, including accountability for budget and planning
Manage the web merchandising team
Responsible for website content management, development and execution of direct Internet channel marketing campaigns and onsite merchandising for both brand-specific and multi-brand audiences
Oversee the establishment and maintenance of relationships through online advertising channels.
Manage ROI and cost of sale metrics for all performance based marketing   At 2012 At 2012 At 2012 In 2020 Reduce Staffing Cost and Wait Time
Avoid Human Errors
Delightful Customer Service
Works on iPhone, / iPad, Andriod, Blackberry, Smartphone Mobile Device Virtual experience Web Technology
Review system functional specifications
Provide maintenance & support of systems
Involve in system development & enhancement
Design & implement system changes
Ensure smooth daily operation of systems
Troubleshoot system issues Skills & Knowledge:
•Possess a degree with double majors in Computer Science and Engineering so as to design and program the software, as well as to service the hardware parts of the eMenu.
Strong relationship-building & communication skills
Cost estimation & budgeting knowledge
Strategic & contingency management skills
Resource allocation skills
Attend courses to learn some resource allocation and budgeting skills. At 2012 In 2020 System Analyst / IT Business Analyst Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar Saka Sushi Bar The Future of Ecology Are we ready to Step into the
Singapore 2020?
Skills & Knowledge :
Passion for food & culinary arts
Good sense of smell & taste
Highly skilled in food preparation
Leadership and organization skills
Foundation degree in culinary arts
Experiences in food industry Skills & Knowledge :
Hospitality management qualifications
Good business analytical skills
Social intelligence
Skills & Knowledge:
Degree in IT, Computer Science or equivalent
Problem-solving & analytical skills
Knowledge of programming language Skills & Knowledge :
Social Perceptiveness, Operations Analysis, Management of Personnel Resources
Communications and Media,  Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. Future Singapore Flyers Youtube Link: eMenu Table Youtube Link: NextGenApps: Mobile Ordering App Demo Skills & Knowledge :
Master degree in business administration
Strategic thinking skills to lead the restaurant to meet business objectives
Knowledge of latest trend of technologies in business operations
Technology rich
- Continuing integrating technology
into the operational systems &
processes which is beneficial to
the company
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