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Foundations of Biology Lab

No description

Joel Brady

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Foundations of Biology Lab


Observations and Consultations
Feedback from Instructors
on process
Course directors
relay feedback

Foundations of Biology Lab:
Foundations of Pedagogy

Administration of Surveys
Instructors review results
Course Directors Identify Major Themes
The way we were....
BIOSC0050/0060: Foundations of Biology Lab 1 and 2
2 semester course
1100+ Students per semester
(1/3 of Pitt freshmen)
3hr labs once per week
65+ lab sections

~20 part-time instructors

Elia Crisucci, Co-Course Director and Program Assessor

Carol Washburn
Joe Horne
Carol DeArment
Meiyi Song

LRDC Staff
Chris Schunn
Mirsay Kisa
Diana Dill
Erin Kleinman
Marc Wisnosky
Rae Mancilla
Time Management: Oscar's Big Day
Supporting Student Inquiry
Learning Objectives:

*identify multiple strategies for effective time management in lab
*plan for pacing of activities during a lab session *foster a classroom environment that encourages students to reveal their thinking
*prompt students to express their thinking and explain their reasoning
*establish value and relevance of inquiry-based learning for students
Sam Donovan
Pravin Muthu
...Oscar hands out the quizzes from the previous class, then looking down at his lesson plan, he murmurs, “Ok, everybody, we have a lot to cover today, so let’s get started.” He begins his presentation, but realizes that a few students who do not realize that lab has begun are still talking. A little annoyed, he asks them to stop, and then continues. Suddenly he remembers that he’s forgotten to collect the students’ pre-labs, so he stops his presentation and begins to walk around to each student to collect the assignments....
Tips for Productive Questions:

If a student asks a question related to procedure, try replying....

“What is it you are trying to measure?

“Let’s back up and think about this together:

"What question(s) are you trying to answer?”

“What steps would be needed to answer that question?” “How could we measure that?”

“Is there a missing step?”
Last week: A student ignores 1. posters on door, directing students to the folders to pick up their work and to drop off their work 2. my two announcements before class to pick up and deposit papers and Same student tears pages out of the notebook at the front of the room when it is time to start the quiz, Two hours into class, student goes to the restroom, and, upon returning, insists that I should accept a late prelab handed in upon their return. When the prelab was accepted for feedback only, "no grade," the student cries and asks to talk to me after class. I agree.
A student finishes his work and wants to leave lab early.
Two students on the “Dead or Alive” project have emailed you twice informing you that another group member, James, failed to respond to their requests to meet outside of class to work on the project. When you attempt to speak to James after lab, to tell him that his teammates reported that he was uncooperative and unresponsive during work on the project, he becomes very upset and responds that he has tried but that his teammates dismissed his contributions to the project. He feels unfairly treated and asks you to let him work on his own for the remainder of the course.
Midterm Student Evaluations of Teaching
Biological Sciences
OMET Survey
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