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Rescue Robots.(:

No description

Brianna Warga♥

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Rescue Robots.(:

Is The End Effector Multi-Functional?
How Is the Robot Taught To Perform These Tasks? Yes, they are multi-functional, because they can do many search and rescue jobs. They can do many things from picking up people in a fire...to searching through rubble or snow to find someone. Where Can You Find These Robots And What Are There Work Envelopes? These robots can be found anywhere disaster is, natural disasters, fire, medical emergencies, etc. Tasks of Rescue Robots The main task of a Rescue Robot is to rescue people in danger, mostly natural disasters, What Sensors Do These Robots Have?
What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages To These Robots. This would depend on what type of robot you are using, most would use heat, to find the person. There are a few types that can be used though. Impact Of This Robot:
Careers And Jobs This Robot Do? The impact of this robot is big. They have made search-and-rescues alot faster and more effective. They have also helped in fires and other natural disasters. Predictions For Rescue Robots: They can be altered to be better on more terrains, or more efficient in these jobs. They could also be altered to be faster and safer in finding and retrieving people. There are alot of alterations to make it better, but technology always advances, and they are always being made better. By : Brianna W. & William W. Rescue Robots These Robots take over the job of a search and rescue team. The work envelope of a rescue robot, depends on the make and model of the robot. There are so many different types, so many different envelopes. Robots are programed to do their tasks, so, a programmer programs these robots to search and find people in need of help. Advantages Disadvantages - Way safer, in alot of ways. - Helps people in need. - Costly to make or buy. - Needs a power supply. Jobs that this robot can perform are:
search-and-rescue teams
some advanced robots could be used with firefighters
hostage situations
many more..
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