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Adaptive E-learning

a summary of our research paper

s a

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Adaptive E-learning

Definition of Adaptive E-Learning: Why we need Adaptive E-learning? Summary: We discuss the definition of adaptive E-learning which is a an effective system that provides the learner with the learning content depending n their characteristics and the importance of it. We showed that adaptive E-learning is very essential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning process, engaging learning experiences, created to meet the needs of the particular learner. The required ingredients in such a personalized learning milieu include rich descriptions of content elements and learner information, along with robust, valid mappings between learner characteristics and appropriate content. Also we addressed some adaptive E-learning approaches the macro-adaptive approach, the aptitude-treatment interaction approach, the micro-adaptive approach and the constructivist-collaborative approach. Many researches have clearly established that differences among individuals have an immediate effect on learning. Individual differences include incoming knowledge and skills, cognitive abilities, personality traits, learning styles, interests, and so on. This diversity of learner's characteristics requires delivering content in different formats and that what we called "adaptive E-learning". "A researcher named "Snow" was steadfast in his believe that the psychology of individual differences is fundamental to education" . He also acknowledges that many instructional designers ignore these diversity of learner's characteristics when designing by trying to impose a "one-size fits all" solution even though individuals are different. Adaptive E-Learning A system that provides the audience with the content depending on their prior knowledge, skills, different characteristics ,motivation ,needs and their different style learning. So, it delivers the right content to right person in suitable way and in appropriate time Different Adaptive E-learning Approaches:

adaptive approach Macro-adaptive approach Aptitudetreatment interaction approach Micro adaptive approach Constructivist-collaborative approach
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