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Digipak and poster analysis of Popular Pop Music Artists

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Abi Anderson

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Digipak and poster analysis of Popular Pop Music Artists

Michael Jackson - THriller - CD, Album Front cover and back cover
Jessie J - Price tag digipak
Britney spears - Oops! I did it again
The house colours shown as a consistent theme throughout this digipak are the yellow/gold with the lilac-purple. These colours work well as they are not usually put together and help the lilac-purple text to stand out against the yellow/gold background.
Britney on the front cover to her digipak and this is conventional to the Pop Music genre as Pop artists usually star in their own videos/music etc so this works well to recognise Britney. Her costume also links to the yellow/gold as it is dark.

The barcode to this product is located on the back cover, again this is conventional and in the bottom right hand corner away from the text and images so there are no overlaps. Also, their are no images used on the back cover so this shows convention and gives the album a sensible look. Another conventional element used on the back cover is the straight list column of the singles on the back. This is effective as it obvious which tracks are on this album. As well as this, there is a small paragraph of text at the bottom of the back cover explaining the CD and also has images of how the album has been produced, created and made etc.

An unconventional feature on the front cover of the album, is that the name of the album is in small print to the bottom right hand corner. Therefore it is easier to recognise Britney Spears before the name of the album is seen. This may not be an advantage due to the title not being obvious and the audience may not buy the album if they cannot quickly recognise which one it is, if they are quickly going through the albums in a store for example..
Katy Perry - Teenage dream

The doughnut image and candy swirl image on the CD's work well to keep the theme fluent throughout. The doughnut image works well to humor an audience as doughnuts have holes in the centre usually, and this is shown on the CD to represent the picture as a doughnut. The use of blue and pink on one CD and red on the other, keeps the house colours and candy theme continued through the design.

Digipacks of Popular Pop Music Artists and album posters - existing product research
The use of colour on the full digipak, is unconventional as it is a pale colour. This helps the other features on the disk to stand out such as the the 'Jessie J' title. However due to the use of a plain colour, the background doesn't stand out so that it is easily recognisable. This is so the audience can identify Jessie J instantly and recognise her new album. Also, this is used to establish her difference from other artists due to the unconventional use of the pale colours and fonts which draws in a larger audience and shows Jessie J as a different style of artist, even though she is known and recognised for being included in the Pop music genre.

The disk has the same design as the front cover which is effective as the audience will always be able to recognise the image easily. It also links them so that there isn't a change but that it is kept simple and professional looking. The back cover of the album, also cohere's with the theme and house colours of pale, purple and black as the purple is used for the listing of the tracks on the CD. This text is also in bold, capitals and has a larger text to the rest of the cover. Like conventional back covers, there is a small print paragraph underneath the listed tracks about the CD. As well as this the barcode is located on the bottom of the back cover like most conventional back covers. However conventional album back covers, usually have the tracks listed in a straight column, however the text is positioned in the centre which is making this album and Jessie J as an artist to stand out as not following the conventional digipack look. The text also only consists of two different fonts throughout the whole theme and this it to display a professional look yet it stands out due to the the sizing and the different use of font. In comparison to other albums, Jessie J is demonstrating her own style and this is shown so the audience can establish her as different from other artists.
Michael Jackson - THRILLER album poster
Michael is shown to wearing red clothing against black background to promote the album of 'Thriller' as that is the colour he wears on that music video, however this colour is used also to stand out against the dark background as Michael's shirt is the only use of red on the poster which enhances the fact that he is the star.

The text is white which works well with the poster as the background is dark so the text works well against the contrasting colours. There is a small use of gold text as well and this helps to show this artist/album to be successful and important. It also stands out against the other colours due to only having a slight use. This works successfully as gold has connotations of power, success, achievement and triumph.

An unconventional point about this poster is that the text is positioned on the bottom left hand side of the poster. Usually the text is placed across the middle or bottom of the poster. The text is positioned here so that the writing isn't covering any part of Michael Jackson on this poster.

image use is successful in this image as Michael is positioned in the middle of this poster and as the only person on it, he stands strong and is easily recognised. He is also of a fairly large size and due to the small and lack of text he stands out against the text.

This poster has a conventional feature to it which is that Jessie J is starring in the poster so although her name is on the poster, the audience would recognise her image as it is taking up the majority of the poster,

The house colours are themed with white and black. This gives the poster a simple yet professional look and the white helps to stand out and contrast against the black and vise versa.

The font and style of the 'Jessie J' title works as an advantage as it easily recognisable. Jessie J uses the same image/look for most of her work so her work is easily recognised.

The poster lists songs that appear on the track such as 'Price tag', 'Do it like a dude', 'nobody's perfect' and 'who you are'. This works as an advantage to the audience as if they are fans of these tracks they will be likely to persuade the audience to buy the album.

The brightness contrast works well on the poster as just over half of the poster is an image so the image is bold and recognisable, however it is darkened, the text is underneath the image is based on a white background, so the text is easily readable and stands out well. The darkness of the image and text isn't conventional of the Pop music genre but brands Jessie J as her own type of Pop form, like shown in the digipak.
Britney Spears - Circus album poster

The colours on this poster are kept simple also to give a professional look. The pale use works well to go with her skin tone and hair colour but also represents her as being innocent and almost child like. These colours contrast to the colours of the text which convey the 'Circus' theme. For example, the red and orange/yellow also the font used, are used typically to represent the Circus. Furthermore, the poster is set out to give a circus feel as the information is set out like a circus poster is. The use of the pale colours work well to contrast with the red and orange/yellow circus theme as the pales are used to represent innocence against the reds which represent danger and fear which also works well to represent a circus atmosphere. As well as this, gold has connotations of elegance and success, which represents her music style thoroughly. Her image on this poster is elegant and therefore the use of gold in the background works well to represent this. As well as this, she was already a successful artist when this album was coming out which suggests reliability to the audience who would buy her album.
KATY perry - pART OF ME album poster
The first conventional element to this album poster is that this poster includes Katy Perry's name and the title of her album at the bottom. Pop Music artists usually star in their music videos, this is applied here again. However, in this poster Katy Perry is represented as a cartoon character which is unconventional as usually the image used of the artist are photographs. This adds more of a younger/teenage theme to the audience and works successfully as it is different but Katy is still recognisable as an artist on the cartoon.

This tour is called California dreams, which is different to the albums name of 'teenage dream' but the same themes and colours are used in relation to that album, on this poster.
Like the digipak, the main colours of pink, red and blue are used as the main colours which typically represent the Pop music genre. The Katy Perry text is the same as it is on the digipak representing the candy theme of strawberry laces etc, and sweets. The cloud used on the digipak, also appears on this poster, behind the cartoon image of Katy Perry. This again, coheres with the use of the cloud in the Teenage dreams album. Blue is used as Katy Perry's hair which contrasts with the use of pink as blue is associated with males and is more of a masculine colour. The title, 'California Dreams', is used in red to stand out against the baby colours of pink and blue
The conventional advantages to these digipaks are that the theme is consistent and shown throughout each element. For example, the candy pink and baby blue house colours are used on the covers (both front and back) and the CD's to go with the album. The candy colours of the red are used throughout with an unconventional look. The look of this digipak coheres to the music on this digipak as they are based around a candy paradise so the colour choice and decoration link. For example, the O's in the text on the back cover and the candy cane 'Teenage Dream', text on the front. The 'Katy Perry' title on the front cover also looks like a strawberry candy lace.
Like the other albums, the barcode to this product is located on the back cover which is away from any text or images used.so that no text or images are covered up. The text on the album is large print so that the song titles stand out and are easily recognisable. However there is small print located towards the bottom of the back cover, which is usually information about the actual album. The tracks on the discs are placed in a straight column. This is conventional of an album as it is easy for the audience to locate and recognise the songs on the disc. Parental advisory is shown on the front cover in the bottom right hand corner, this isn't usually placed on an album, but this is shown so that parents know that bad language or references will be used in her songs so they know before allowing their children to listen to it.
POSTERS - analysis
The first conventional feature used in this album poster is that the Pop Music artist has the starring role in this poster and therefore she is easy to recognise and her image takes up most of the space on the poster. Secondly, another conventional element is used as the 'Britney Spears' text is printed across the full centre of the page. This helps Britney's name be recognised and remembered alongside her image.
The use of bright colours on both covers and Cd helps the images of Michael Jackson to stand out from the rest of the album design and makes the audience reconise him easily. This digipak is unconventional as usually there is an image of the artist on the front of the digipak, however this album uses red, black, grey - based on the thriller look. The main colours that are used are white and gold text which keeps the look more professional and smart. White is used in order to stand out against the black background and dark images so the gold then highlights the fact that the 'Thriller', is the most important song on the album and therefore the gold highlights this. As well as the two colours used, there is also only two fonts used which again highlights the simplicity and shows a consistency throughout the CD, front cover and back cover of the digipak.

The image use is similar to the black background as being dark and sinful as the costume that the zombies and dead characters on the album are wearing dark colours and make up to match up to the dark theme of Halloween that Thriller was trying to achieve. However, the costume Michael Jackson is wearing a bright costume which makes him stand out but also matches to the theme of Halloween as red has connotations of danger. This also represents a conventional aspect to Pop music videos as the solo artist is usually featured as the main character in the video to ensure that they stand out.

From the time era of 1983, extremely long and bulky sweaters, jumpsuits, pastel colors, leather trench coats, fur coats, extremely large scarves, beanies, leather gloves, and dresses worn with wide or thin belts. The clothes began to become more colorful than they were before, colours like varying shades of brown, tan, and orange. This album therefore demonstrates Michael Jackson as establishing himself as his own artist as he strayed from this fashion and used his own like on the digipak.

The front cover of the CD case and the CD both have the same image use. The image is taken at a medium shot angle and placed in the centre with the thriller characters around him. This is a successful element to include as the thriller characters are bent down on different levels so the audience can clarify Michael Jackson as the main character and importance to this album. He is at a medium shot so that the audience can see his use of costume and facial expressions along with some of the thriller characters expressions. However it is shot like this so Michael is shown to have the power in that situation due to him being taller than the other characters. On the back cover of the album case, a close up shot is used of Michael Jackson but he is angled slightly to the side. This is again so we can see Michael is the main character and importance on this album, but also so the audience can recognise his main theme for this album, which is 'thriller'. This is successful as the audience can focus fully on his reaction and costume make up shown on his face and this is therefore associated with the horror aspect to this album and brands Michael as a separate artist of the pop genre and stands out due to the selection of images and camera shot choices.

The barcode is located in the bottom right hand corner on the back cover which is a conventional location of an album digipak and this would therefore be sensible to add in to our media product.

The position of Michael Jackson is located on the left hand side of each part of the back cover and CD. This is unconventional as the image isn't usually placed to one side but in the middle. Also, this is unconventional as the use of an image does not appear usually on the back cover of an album. However the text is positioned in a straight column with a list of the music on the CD. This is so the image is shown clearly and large so that the emphasis is on the image, being large, in comparison to the small writing. As well as this, it establishes Michael Jackson as having his own brand and style and so the audience can see another side to Michael Jackson and his music and the content of the album.

This is conventional of the back cover as this gives the album a professional look and helps the audience to simply and easily see the songs that are on the CD. The smaller text is given at the bottom of the back cover which gives information about the discs such as where they are produced from and their sponsors.
The text isn't very large which doesn't show the track list to stand out from the rest of the text as the text is all of a similar size. This is again, to make the main image of Michael Jackson stand out so you recognise him before his music and so you recognise the image and associate it with his hit song thriller and know what the album is.

Another conventional feature put on this digipak is an age limit. This is put there for parental guidance when they know there may be explicit content on the album. This is also conventional of pop music.
The background to this digipak is shown to be a mixture of pale colours, it is based on an ivory/off white look along with a pale peach/pink. The use of pale colours have the usual connotations of innocence which could suggest to the audience, that Jessie J is aiming to promote her album as a slight change is style and show there is an innocent side to her music.
The smaller text is shown in the colour purple. This is due to purple being associated with power, nobility, luxury and ambition. It conveys extravagance and wealth. Also, wisdom, independence, creativity, dignity and mystery are associated with purple and this is strongly expressed in this particular Jessie J album. As Jessie J has an extravagant style, the audience can relate this use of purple to the colour use on the digipak as Jessie J is known for her specific image. She is a creative artist so the purple is successful in showing that to an audience in this album. Mystery is also a main theme within the colour purple which coheres with the use of black on the CD and album cover.
Black text is used along with black elements to her hair and costume as it is a bold colour and therefore represents Jessie J to be bold. It also works well in contrasting against the use of pale colours and connotations. For example, using a different style of music but still being bold and strong in what her music is about. Furthermore, black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. On this album, Jessie J is represented as a mystery as this album has a completely different look to other albums of hers that I have researched.

Black represents power and Jessie J is shown to have power through the use of colours and the way her image is shot on the digipak. Jessie is shot at a low angle medium shot. This shot is effective as due to the angle she is shot at and positioned, she is shown to have the power in this album and this shows her to be a strong artist in the Pop genre. The low angle and medium shot also allows the audience to see her facial expression, costume and position. This photograph also is positioned in the centre of the album cover and CD so we can see that she is the main artist on this album and establishes her as the main importance due to the positioning and the look she has on this album.
Again, gold has connotations of success, achievement,luxury and quality. These colours could be suggest that Britney is successful and achieving in her career and this is why gold is used. As well as this she maybe selling herself and her album as being a luxury and quality. This therefore represents her as a strong pop artist who creates a great style of pop music.
Purple is also a consistent colour throughout this digipak although only has a small use. Typically, this colour represents power and luxury. The purple in this digipak links to the use of gold as purple also represents luxury, which could be suggesting her music maybe a luxury. In addition to this, power is a main theme in Britney's digipak due to Britney being the main importance of this digipak and having the use of gold to support her and that specific image.

The photograph of Britney is a long shot at eye level. This image allows us to see Britney's whole image. For example her costume and facial expressions. The shot also shows Britney as being powerful and strong and we can recognise she is the main importance through how she is represented in her photograph, this is also highlighted due to Britney being shown in the centre of the digipak, therefore creating her image to stand out.
Conventional Pop music videos have the artist starring in the album. The same technique is used here as Michael Jackson is starring in this poster. He also is performing a dance move of his own style on the poster which puts his own stamp on it and promotes himself as an artist.
Red is used on Michael Jackson's costume to cohere with the colour use in his video of 'thriller' and this works well as people will recognise that and associate it with his costume use. Red typically has connotations of danger and blood which matches well with the thriller theme. However, it also shows Michael to stand out as the most important feature on the poster as he is the largest image with a strong use of red and red being only used on his costume, so he stands out against the text.

Michael Jackson is shot at a slightly low angle with a slightly long shot. He is centered on his image slightly side on. This is so we can see Michael's costuming, positioning and facial expressions. He is in the centre of the poster so that he is shown as the main image and stands out as him being the main artist and importance. He is positioned slightly to the side and this is so we can see his famous moves shown on the poster. This look also shows the audience that Michael is a powerful and successful artist.
The main colours used on this poster are black, white and grey. There is also a small use of a silver chrome look for 'Jessie J' as a title. Black has connotations of boldness and darkness. Although the Jessie J is portrayed as a bold and strong artist, she isn't seen as a dark or negative artist as her genre of music is Pop and these connotations are not associated with Pop music, but the opposite. However, the black works well when contrasting with the white to show an opposite in colours and to seperate the poster into different parts and stands out to the eye more with the particular colour use. White is seen to be the colour of innocence and purity, which completely contrasts to the use of black. It is also recognised as the colour of perfection, wholeness and completion. I think that the connotations link more to the female artists in Pop music and how they are viewed. I think that the white represents Jessie J as a character but the black is used to show her bold personality and music.

Jessie J is shot at an eye level medium shot with a close up. This is used so the audience can connect with her more and also see her facial expression which represents the strength she has as an artist and establishes the style and look given to her music that will be on her album. This look of strength shows Jessie J to have the power which is typically a masculine role so she has changed the conventional role to a more female role. It also links to a direct address with the audience.
In addition to this, a consistent theme with Britney is shown as her poster has gold elements in it just like this digipak. The use of gold in Britney's hair here and the backgorund colour is gold which coheres with the use of gold on the digipak. This therefore shows that even though the digipak and poster are for different albums, the colours cohere throughout Britneys work and the theme is consistent throughout.

Britney is shot at an eye level medium shot yet the camera is positioned at a slightly low angle. This positioning works well as the audience can see Britney's costume, make-up, hair and facial expressions, These features match up to the themes and colour connotations shown throughout Britney's digipak and poster and all they all cohere. Plus, the audience can see her body language shown in the image which again represents the innocence and typical teenage girl look that Britney is trying to portray along with the colour connotations and themes used.
A conventional feature of a Pop Music album is that the main artist features on the cover. This is used in this album as Katy Perry is featured across the front cover. This helps the audience to recognise her if they do no recognise the album. Also on this album, i recognised that their is a consistent theme used on all three products which demonstrates a theme of 'Candy'. This is shown through the front cover featuring a cotton candy cloud, a strawberry lace title as well as a candy cane title. On the back cover again the cotton candy cloud and the use of a sweet as the O in the song titles. Thirdly, the CD's are featured to link in with the candy dream land look of a doughnut and a candy cane (again shown in the title and sweet use in the front and back covers).
The main colour used throughout the digipak is a baby pink. Pink has connotations of compassion and love. This colour choice is suitable for the Katy Perry as an artist and this particular album as most of her songs and her music is based around the theme of love and compasison. It is also a feminine colour which would attract more of a female audience which typically coheres with the genre of Pop music. Similarly, red is used for most of the same reasons. it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. Some of these themes are clear when people see the colour red. Red highlights the love theme even more alongside the use of pink. Energy links to Katy Perry as an artist and to her fun looking album as this album is based on a candy land, and her music is energetic with the pop style, costume and themes in her music videos and digipak albums.
There is also a use of baby blue as a consistent theme in this digipak. It is often associated with depth and also symobolises trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. This colour is a suitable choice as the songs on this album and again, Katy Perry as an artist typically represents trust, loyalty, depth, faith and truth in her music style. Her songs have meanings which matches specifically well to Katy Perry as her personal brand as a Pop music artist. Confidence is another consistent theme of Katy Perry's style as she sings and covers all different themes in the pop music genre such as a typical teenage heartbreak to a strong and fun song about female power etc.

Katy Perry is shown to be lying down on her image and she is positioned in the centre. and is a slightly high angle long shot. This is used so that as well as seeing Katy Perry's image and facial expression, we can also see her mise en scene and surroundings and how she fits in well to that theme and design. Again, relating her look and make up with the mise en scene and theme. The high angle shot works successfully to show all of her on the image and not just part of her. She is positioned across the middle of the cover to show her as the main image and this works well to show her importance to the audience and to also show that this album revolves all around her as the main artist.
As well as this, the poster stands out to be an album poster as the poster states what tracks are on the album and what the album features. This puts the poster to an advantage as the audience know what to expect to appear on the album and also if they are fans of the songs stated such as 'circus, out from under, kill the lights and womanizer', then they are much more likely to buy the album.
When I was researching Katy Perry's album of Teenage dream, I could not find the matching album poster, so I found the matching tour/concert poster to match.
This poster is successful for promotion reasons as reference to the album 'Teenage dream' is shown in the bottom left hand corner. The image of the albums front cover is used and the audience can relate to this and know that this poster is a tour poster for the album Teenage dream.

Furthermore, a conventional element is used on this poster which is the date. The date is shown on all concert posters, but the text is in black so it is bold and stands out from the pop related colours and candy theme. The font size is larger than the rest of the text as well so that the date of the concert catches the audience' eye and therefore the audience will buy tickets to see the tour.

Although Katy Perry is represented as a cartoon character in this image, camera angles are represented as to how this image would be shot if it was a photograph. The cartoon image is represented to be shot at a slightly high angle shot and this enhances how Katy Perry is making a direct address and eye connection with her audience. In addition to this, she is angled slightly to the side which again, highlights the address that Katy Perry is giving to her audience. The camera shot is a close up, this shot is successful in showing Katy Perry's image and character. For example, this shot allows the audience to see her choice of make-up and blue hair style, clarifying her sense of character and makes a link between the candy colours and Katy as a Pop music artist. Plus, the top half of Katy's costume is shown which shows a difference in her music style and personality as her costuming choice looks more sophisticated and subtle. This may suggest a contrast between her personal style/image and music style.
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