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No description

Caleb Lee

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Databases

DATABASES Fields... Fields... What are they ? Are these fields ? Well, yes they are,
But in terms of a
database,no. In terms of a database,
Fields are allocated spaces for
specific information or items,
and these fields are labelled
with Field Names. First Name DoB Age

Daniel 19/06/1999 13

Joseph 10/01/2002 10

Leila 07/12/2000 11 For Example... Field
Names A Field Queries ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A query is another word for a
question, so it is simply
a "question" for a database. First Name DoB Age

Daniel 19/06/1999 13

Joseph 10/01/2002 10

Leila 07/12/2000 11 For Example... Query : Everyone over the age of 11. The result would look like this... First Name DoB Age

Daniel 19/06/1999 13 What is a Database? A database is a structured,
organized set of data that is
stored on a computer. There are countless things
that use databases to store data:
-Schools Even "Google" , something
you probably use everyday,
uses databases. In fact "Google"
is really just a giant database ... Primary Key A primary key is one attribute
of a record that can define
it from any other records. It can either be a normal attribute
that is guaranteed to be unique,
like a phone number,
or a generated one. Number First Name DoB Age

1 Daniel 19/06/1999 13

2 Joseph 10/01/2002 10

3 Leila 07/12/2000 11 For example... This would be the primary key.
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