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tamara zafer

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of ISLAMOPHOBIA

The Issue, The Impact, The Solution
What is Islamophobia?
-Over the past few years, Islamophobia has risen by a shocking 62%

-Rapid increase of 105% of racism against Muslims in work-space
Is it Really There?
-Mainly started after the attacks on September 11

-Increased when Muslims started living in countries that don't have a large Muslim population.
How it Started
-37 groups whose primary goal is to hurt Muslims
-40% of Americans admit to prejudice against Muslims
-190 groups contain an Islamophobic agenda
-32 additional groups practice this action

Groups/Organizations Against Muslims
In other words, Islamophobia is a "phobia," or fear, target to/towards Muslims.
How To Prevent Islamophobia
The Effect of Islamophobia on Muslims
- Make Sure those around you have proper understanding of Islam, besides what is shown on the media
- Show them that Muslims are like ordinary people.
- Emphasize the fact that true Muslims don't terrorize others
- Be at your BEST character & always be willing to help others.
- Makes many muslims fear society.
Muslims may become insecure because they feel that they are a target for many people
May get depressed, and/or pessimistic

We Interviewed some people and their thoughts of Islamophobia...
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