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Community Paramedicine

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Danielle Smith

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine
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Community Paramedicine is an innovative care model that expands the role of EMS and Paramedics

What is Community Paramedicine?
If a provider determines that a participant is emergent/ in need of substantial medical intervention, the participant is immediately transported by EMS to
Boston Medical Center
or the
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Arrival at Participant Home
Physician Assessment
It allows trained personnel, in collaboration with a physician, to part take in on site health care delivery
Goal: Improve health and well being of participants by providing direct care in their community
Catalyst for Community Paramedicine
Participants that report feeling unwell, or those in need of urgent care often utilize 911
Community Paramedicine emerged as an avenue of care for participants in these urgent, but generally not emergent, scenarios
However, many of these scenarios do not require the use of 911 emergency services
The nurse on-call documents participant chief complaint information through a secure electronic database

Paramedics, on average, arrive to the participant home within 30 minutes of the provider call

Paramedic is able to document:
Blood glucose levels
Pulse Oximetry
Blood Pressure
Heart Rate
Weight/ Gate
Capture images
Paramedic contacts physician via. phone or video
Provider assess the participant using the documented vitals and health indicators sent securely to the provider by the paramedic
In collaboration with provider instruction, the paramedic has the capacity to:
Perform a blood draw
Reconcile Patient Medication
The provider, nurse, and paramedic work collaboratively as a team to ensure participant well being and optimal health
A participant in need of urgent medical care contacts the nurse on-call

The on-call nurse collaborates with the on-call provider in evaluating participant chief complaints and need for
community paramedicine

The provider is the only discipline that instructs
to dispatch a community paramedic to the participant home
Conduct on site lab analysis
Administer Medication
Setup an IV
Coordinate ED Transfers
paramedic will complete followup care after the participant is discharged from the hospital
Participant Home
24/7 participant access to urgent care with language translation services
Participant receives treatment at home, which is ideal for home bound individuals or those recovering from surgical procedures
paramedics will decrease emergency department visits
Provides an avenue for provider presence in the participant home, without the provider physically commuting to the location
Facilitates a collaborative environment between primary care and emergency services to ensure participants receive consistent, coordinated, quality care
Benefits of Community Paramedicine
Benefits of Community Paramedicine:
Benefits of Community Paramedicine:
Benefits of Community Paramedicine:
Benefits of Community Paramedicine:
Benefits of Community Paramedicine:
Smart Care
How will the

utilize Community Paramedicine
The Elder Service Plan will collaborate with
Community Paramedicine to service our participants
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