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Alamo History Project

Alamo History Project

Brianna Nerio

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Alamo History Project

What was the out come of the battle? What was the Alamo before the
battle of the Alamo? Approximately how large was the attacking force? Who were the main individuals involved? By Brianna Nerio The Alamo What were the circumstances surrounding the Alamo? Why is the Battle of the Alamo a significant historical event? What happened to the Alamo after the battle? ~American teacher, lawyer & soldier ~American frontiersman, soldier & politician
~Thought Alamo fortress was not worth defending
~Known for leading role in bringing Texas into the United States Antonio López de Santa Anna ~American frontiersman, politician, Approximately how many Texans were involved and died in the Battle of the Alamo? ~The Alamo helped Texans defeat the Mexican Army at San Jacinto powerful the settlement of the Oregon Question (1846), and Mexican Cession (1848) ~The debate of whether or not the new territory would be free or slave states divided the Union and led to the Civil War ~After the war, by the Treaty of Guadalupe, Mexico had to give the United States area that was made up of present-day California, Arizona, New Mexico, and some of the western states ~Texas' admission to the Union led to war for the United States and Mexico ~The Independence of Texas brought forth the idea of Texas' admission to the Union ~The Union would not split apart, which led to gaining resources through the Louisiana Purchase (1803), the annexation of Texas (1845), ~Supported Mexican independence than 340 Texan prisoners ~President of Mexico eleven times from 1833 to 1855 ~Defender at the 1836 Battle
of the Alamo ~Served US Congress ~Brought Tennessee volunteers armed with deadly long rifles ~Died at the Alamo fighting in battle ~Forces killed around 189 Texan defenders & later executed more military leader ~Mexican politician & Davy Crockett & hunter Samuel Houston William Travis ~Died defending the Alamo paying them out of his own pocket, to fight for the Alamo ~Gathered about 40 men, ~Immigrated to Texas & fought for independence from Mexico ~These led the United States on the path of becoming very ~The Mexican military force received orders to destroy the Alamo before they withdrew ~The Mexican Army kept control of San Antonio until May 1836 ~They knocked down some of the Alamo's outer walls, so that it could not be easily rebuilt by the Texans ~Several wounded Mexican soldiers were held in San Antonio after the battle ~The Texans and Mexicans fought until sunrise when
the battle was over ~Cannons and guns were fired from inside the Alamo that beat various attackers and tried to stop the Mexican soldiers ~Although the Mexicans reorganizing themselves and attacked ~Once the Mexicans entered the Alamo, they took a cannon
and shot the Long Barrack and church, as well as blasting
through the Texans' barricaded doors ~Santa Anna spread apart his attacks into two days ~An estimate for the attacking force on March 6, 1836, is about 2,500 soldiers, about 1,400 used in the assault ~The entire force had not arrived in time for the full assault The Alamo after the Battle of the Alamo United States Flag ~This number was based on a Alamo
courier, Albert Martin, whose note, was written on the back of William B. Travis'
letter of February 24, 1836
~Later, historians added the 32 known
members of the Gonzales Ranging Company
who arrived at the Alamo early morning of
March 1st ~In William Fairfax Gray's diary on March 20, 1836, the earliest list of Texans killed at the Alamo was found and contained
around 152 names ~In years following the battle, the number of Texans was approximately 150 ~The number stood around 182 until the 1980s, when several more names were added, bringing the total Texans to 189 Approximately how many Mexicans were involved and died in the Battle of the Alamo? Texas Iliad, set the Mexican casualties at 600 killed and ~This would bring the estimate to a number around 70 with several hundred wounded ~Potter assumed that the estimate of 521 included all Mexican casualties, killed and wounded ~Reuben M. Potter, in his study of the battle, entitled The ~Henderson Yoakum's History of Texas claims 521 were
killed and a similar number of wounded soldiers ~Modern Alamo historians, such as Dr. Stephen L. Hardin in wounded The Alamo Video The State Library and
Archives Commission is
allowing this fragile, fading
letter to be displayed at the
Alamo for the anniversary of the two-week battle that
ended on March 6, 1836. ~The Alamo was originally built as a Roman Catholic mission ~The Texans occasionally used the mission as a fort ~It consisted of a monastery and church bordered by high walls ~In 1718, a Spanish missionary named Parde Antonio Olivares, established the mission in San Antonio ~The mission was originally San Antonio de Valer, and was later called the Alamo Waves of Mexican infantry began the defenders in some instances didn't weapons and went to wielding axes, scaling the walls of the Alamo itself, shovels, clubs, anything that was close at hand in an attempt to hold the enemy have enough time to reload their This picture shows The Fall of the Alamo (1903) by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk. It illustrates Davy Crockett wielding his rifle as a club against Mexican troops. The 13-day Battle of the Alamo in 1836 was a pivotal point in Texas’ in the battle at the Alamo mission in San Antonio. fought for Texas) perished Tejanos (native primarily Nearly all of Texas rebels- war for independence from Mexico. American settlers and Mexicans who The Alamo Diagram ~Santa Anna entered the Alamo, curious to see
the scene of his victory Questions:
1. What was the Alamo originally created as?
2. True or False:
Antonio López de Santa Anna has been the Mexican President.
3. Finish the sentence:
The (Mexican/Texan) force won the Battle of the Alamo. Fall of the Alamo, identified Anselmo Borgara, who carried the news of the Alamo's fate to Sam Houston at Gonzales back. At The Alamo
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