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Treaty of Versailles Problems

No description

David Fox

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Treaty of Versailles Problems

1. Which central power nation appears to have lost the most territory?

2. Which countries are new after World War I?

3. What happens to Russia's Western border because of the war?

4. What changed about the Ottoman Empire?

5. Did Italy gain
much land?
Our objective is to demonstrate why a lot of people said "F***get You" to the Treaty of Versailles.
What would happen to a house built on quicksand?
Take notes on a "A Peace Built on Quicksand" p. 425 & 427
Why does everyone HATE the Treaty of Versailles?
SILENTLY... Complete their thoughts.
p. 426
List all of the ways that the Treaty of Versailles impacted Germany.
Chart: Page 427
Makes Me Feel Some Type of Way
Write a complaint letter to the Paris Peace Conference explaining why you think the Treaty of Versailles sucks!
a) Explain the problem that you have with the LEAGUE OF NATIONS
b) Explain how GERMANY should feel.
c) Explain how the U.S. should feel
d) Explain how JAPAN or ITALY feel.
e) Be creative!
What is the Treaty of Versailles?
Treaty of Versailles
was just 1 of 4 treaties signed.

Who else wanted to say "Forget you" to their treaties?

Why do Allied Powers, Italy and Japan, hate it?

Why do people in African and Asian colonies hate it?
Why do Americans hate it?
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