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Jesse Owens

English 12H1

Jennie Hiro

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Jesse Owens

During this time period, Hitler, and his "followers," strongly believed that Aryans were the superior race. after winning numerous gold medals, and proving Hitler wrong, many people looked at Jesse Owens as a villain. Hitler After fighting through some tough times, Owens was able to fight back and re-gain respect in the eyes of the public. In 1949 Owens was named one of the "10 Greatest Negro Athletes of all time" and "the Top Track Performer since 1900." Battling Back Along with sports, Jesse Owens had an impressive resume. He gave political speeches, was an entertainer, and an actor. Outside of Sports Broken Records Jesse Owens Hero "outweighs" Villain Villain Hero Black Power After winning yet another gold medal, Jesse Owens put up the black power sign while receiving his award. This was a very controversial topic during this time. In 1935 at a track and field collegiate championship, Jesse Owens broke three world records. Later at the1936 olympics, he broke another three records, bringing his total to six world records.
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