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Eighteenth-Century Art in Europe and the Americas

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Chantelle Eloise Allen

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Eighteenth-Century Art in Europe and the Americas

Eighteenth-Century Art in Europe and the Americas
Chapter 29
Feb 20

Italy and the Classical Revival
Grand Tour by wealthy young northern European or American gentleman
Neoclassicism - derived from classical Greek and Roman sources - intended to teach moral lessons
archaeological discoveries of Herculaneum and Pompeii - buried in 79 CE by volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius
Revivals and Early Romanticism in Britain
Scot Colen Campbell
Richard Boyle - Chiswick House
Henry Filcroft and Henry Hoare - The Park at Stourhead - landscape design
Horace Walpole - Strawberry Hill - Gothic Revival in Architecture

The Enlightenment and its revolutions
The Rococo Style in Europe
Jean-Antoine Watteau - France
Francois Boucher - France
Jean-Honore Fragonard - France
Italian Portraits and Views
Rosalba Carriera - leading portraitist in Venice - pastels
Canaletto - city views - capriccio and veduta
Piranesi - Roman ruins
Neoclassicism in Rome
Cardinal Alessandro Albani - Villa Albani
Johann Joachim Winckelmann - leading theoretician of Neoclassiscm - ""Thought on the Imitation of Green Works in Painting and Sculpture" - attack on Rococo and "The History of Ancient Art" - beginning of modern art history
Mengs - Parnassus
Canova - Cupid and Psyche

Later eighteenth-century art in France
Eighteenth-Century Art of the Americas
Neoclassiscm in Architecture and Decorative Arts
Robert Adam - interior decorator - Roman domestic architecture
King George III
Anteroom, Syon House
Josiah Wedgwood
Painting in Britain
Enlightenment Values
William Hogarth - The Marriage Contract - promoting the concept of marriage based on love rather than aristocratic intrigue.
Joshua Reynolds - Portraiture
Thomas Gainsborough
Joseph Wright - Experiment on a Bird in the Air-Pump

Romantic Painting
celebration of the emotions and subjective forms of experience
John Henry Fuseli - native Switzerland - arrived in London
History painter specializing in dramatic subjects drawn from such authors as Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and Milton
William Blake
"imitations of the Ancients" - Greek
Jacques-Germain Soufflot - Pantheon (Church of Sainte- Genevieve)
Jean-Simeon Chardin
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Jacques-Louis David
Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson
Jean-Antoine Houdon
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