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Greece Theater

No description

gs students

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Greece Theater

The theater started out with festivals honoring their gods. At the early Greek festivals, the actors, directors and dramatists were all the same person. After some time, only three actors were allowed to perform in each play. Later few non-speaking roles were allowed to perform on stage. Due to limited number of actors allowed on-stage, the chorus evolved into a very active part of Greek Theater. Music was often played during the choru's delivery of its lines.
How the Theater came to be
Greek Theater
What they wore and used
Special Props
Masks served several important purposes in Ancient Greek theater: their exxagerated expressions helped define the characters the actors were playing, they allowed actors to play more tham on role(or gender).It helped the people in the audience hear better because the masks kind of had a small megaphone. Masks where made out of lightweight material lik wood, lined, cork and sometimes real hair.
Costumes along with masks and props helped indicate the social status and gender and age of a character. When decipting women, actors wore body stockings, with a progastreda and prosterndia to make there bodys appear femenine.
Props and Speacial Props
Actors also used Props and Speacial props to create a character. Props could also be used as sympolisim like the red carpet Aggamenon walks on when he returns home, signiying the blood he spilled at Troy. Speacial props where used for scenes that are taken beyond the veiw of spectators.
What else I know?
In the Greek theater women where not allowed to be actors. So the men would have to dress up like women.
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