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Shadowhunter Game Show!!!

Learn while you play! How much do you know about The City of Bones?

Jessica Kavanagh

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Shadowhunter Game Show!!!

By Brittany De Hart. Ashley Osbron, Jessica Kavanagh, Jessica Boegli. City Of Bones! Lets Begin Our Game
Show yay! Is Clary A Shadowhunter? Yes! Who Is Simon? Clarys Best Firend Who was in love with who in the beginning?

A. Simon-> Isabell -> Jace
B. Jace-> Simon-> <-Isabell
C. Simon-> Clary -> <- Jace
D.Nobody Likes any body they all are just firends.

Worth 4 points. C. Where do the Shadowhunters come from? Idris, Mudanes do not know of this place. Also Check out The movie!
August 23, 2013. Baced On The First book of the series. What are Runes? Markings Shadowhunters make to activate different powers. Why are there shadowhunters? To keep demons from wreaking havoc on our world . Who is Valentine? Clary and Jaces father and he is the antagonist? What is Clarys Goal? Bonus question To get her mother Back. From where is this quote from?

Vampires are such prima donnas ” – Magnus page 243 Worth 6 points. What is Luke? A Werewolf Is Jace an only child? Bonus Question.

Does Jace have a brother or sister? No Bonus number 2.

who is Jaces sister? A sister
4 points
9 points Clary. Did Clary Know she was a shadowhunter No not at first untill she meet Jace
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