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EHP LV Launch

No description

Kevin Woolerton

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of EHP LV Launch

Free-standing, Uniform
branded, Low VOC product range.

LV Branding based on the new EHP livery
New code structure
LV = Low VOC
C = Clear
H = Hardener
P = Primer
T = Thinner
A = Ancillary
3 Digit Codes

Emphasis on Low VOC
Product Codes
Product Descriptions
Departure from Deltron codes &
mixed EHP / GRS branding.

Gone are the blue and black stripes.
Timeline & Milestones:
APR: Announcement at CRE
APR: Refinisher Article
MAY: Train the Trainers
JUN: State launch events
JUL: Product available AU
JUL: NZ launch events
AUG: Product available NZ
SEP: Old products OBS
not just generic descriptions: "Not just another HS Clear"
Thinners numbered in order of increasing evaporation speed.
LVT-430 Low VOC Fast Thinner
LVT-420 Low VOC Medium Thinner
LVT-410 Low VOC Slow Thinner
LVT-405 Low VOC Extra Slow Thinner
Support Materials:
Launch Briefings
PowerPoint presentation
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