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Wunderbar Vision

School project

Jade Peckels

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Wunderbar Vision

W g Wünderbar Vision™ Features/Benefits Night Vision Thermal Vision Small Compact Size Long Battery Life Sleek Design Packaging/Distribution Shipped From Warehouse FedEx or UPS to Anywhere Shipped via:
-Trucks Packaged In Cardboard Box Price Promotion Infomercials and radio Messages:
-deals Shopping channels People Demographic- Geographic- Psychographic- Behavior- Male; Ages 20-45 Country, Forest, urban Upper Middle-Upper Class (Hunters) One Time Buy; Weekly Use Retailer- $250 Consumer- $325 Direct- $265 w/ S&H Competitor- $200-3500 Just Night Vision Childrens- $60 Generation 4 technology Gen. 1 Gen. 4
Radio Ad Announcer- Tired of losing your children in a dark place?
Tired of not being able to see that buck until the last second? Well no more! For the nominal fee of $325 you can have the Wünderbar Vision Night and Thermal Glasses™! Grab a pair at your local Hunting or hobbyist store, or online at wunderbarvision.com They feature Generation 4 technology, long battery life, and a sleek stylish design.
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