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Digital Publication for Sociologists

No description

Lauren Holt

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Digital Publication for Sociologists

Digital Publication: Just what is it?
(And why should I care?) Digital Publication Implications of Digital Publication... What does digital publication
look like when practiced by sociologists? Research Collaborate How might digital publication impact you as you complete your projects? "'Born digital' objects which have been released for public access and either made available or distributed free of charge or for a fee. They may consist of networked publications, available over a communications network or physical format publications which are distributed on formats such as floppy or optical disks.They may also be either static or dynamic." Implications for the Research Process Removes temporal and geographic constraints
Expands access
To the work of others
To new bodies of data
Enables greater collaboration Implications for the Writing Process Real-time, in-process communication of ideas
Audience shifts...
...therefore our writing shifts
'Revise then publish" becomes "publish then revise then publish then revise then publish..."
Writing becomes dynamic and multimodal Implications for the Reading Process Shift in reading practices
Shift in readers' expectations
Shift in readers' assumptions Digital Ethnography Examples:
Mediated Cultures
http://www.cybersociology.com/files/6_1_virtualethnographer.html Websites, Blogs, +
Discussion Communities Cybersociology http://www.cybersociology.com

The Sociological Imagination http://sociologicalimagination.org

Everyday Sociology

The Global Sociology Blog http://globalsociology.com Disseminate Create What next? http://www.dpconline.org For further reading: "Digital Ethnography: An Examination of the use of New Technologies for Social Research" http://bit.ly/10i4rqi Other sources:
"The (Coming) Social Media Revolution in the Academy" http://www.uta.edu/huma/agger/fastcapitalism/8_2/Daniels8_2.html
"NodeXL: Social Network Analysis for Scholars"
http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/nodexl-part1/47621 (But first...lets breakout + collaborate)
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