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Margaret atwood "my life as a bat"

No description

abbigail codling

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Margaret atwood "my life as a bat"

Margaret Eleanor Atwood, born November 18, 1939 in Ottawa, and grew up in northern Ontario and in Toronto. At age six she started writing plays, comics, poems and even started a novel. Hers writings mainly focus on pain and unfairness. She is devoted to have a positive change on our way of life. Also she campaigns for human rights and the environment. She is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, and environmental activist. Her interest in writing, was encouraged by her aunt, Ann Blades. In her mid-teens she wrote for Leaside High School literary magazine, Clan Call. She was determined to write, even though she doubted that a Canadian could succeed in the U.S. fiction market.
Objective summary
The whole point of the story is show how bats are more superior than humans. Atwood believes in reincarnation. She believes that in her past life she was a bat. She thinks being a bat is more of a reward than a punishment. Bats can kill without feeling guilt, but they don't do it out of hate. Where as humans will kill because they hate someone but they sometimes will feel guilt or remorse after. In the section " The bat as a deadly weapon" she talks about how they used bats as weapons to kill the opposing team by putting incendiary devices on them and setting them free. lines 89-90 states " The bats too wood have died of course. Acceptable mega deaths. Atwood is saying even though the bats would die it is known to be acceptable because they were using bats.


The Theme of My Life As A Bat is that bats are treated horribly by humans.

In lines 21-29 Atwood states "I have recurring nightmares. In one of them I am clinging to the ceiling of a summer cottage, while a red-faced man in white shorts and a white V-neck T-shirt jumps up and down hitting me with a tennis racket.
These lines are a reference to how humans treat bats. The man is trying to get rid of her because he feels as if he is in danger. Atwood uses the line "hitting me with a racket" to show how she was treated. He does not care for her well being, he just wants to get rid of her.
Bats are seen as objects more than the wonderful and interesting creatures they are. We as humans should try and inform others more on how bats are not as dangerous as they seem.
Margaret Atwood "my life as a bat" by: Abbigail codling
Cited evidence
Driving point
Compare & Contrast
Bats are nocturnal
They do not like fur
They feed on blood, some even eat fruits and fish
Bats are in severe decline
Bats use sounds to search for food
Bats are active at night
They feed on insects, while others eat fruit, fish, or blood.
Bats have a loss of habitats
They locate insects by emitting inaudible high-pitched sounds
In a short time the sun will rise and she will be shriveled to a few small bones
Bats are used as weapons.
other bats will chirp and rustle and doze until night unfurls again and makes the hot sky tender for us
Bats stay away from hair
Bat Orphans
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