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No description

kosovo group

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Kosovo

Humanitarian Intervention: Kosovo
Humanitarian Intervention

"the treat of use of force across state boarders by a state (or group of states) aimed at preventing or ending widespread and grave violence of the fundamental human rights of individuals other than its own citizens, without the permission of the state within whose territory force is applies" Alternative explanations for the intervention...

The CNN effect The dispora in the USA Just War theory Right to protect? Distinction between humanitarian intervention and interference? A cloak of good intensions? Moral obligation? New world order policy? NATO: takes on UN's role of Global policeman
Role of the superpower backing intervention, and issue of self gain
At a time of a policy vacuum
Satellite states The Key Roles:



NATO Diversion?
Diversion for Clinton Reassertion after the cold war Moral obligation Aftermath Buckley, Mary, and Sally N. Cummings. Kosovo: Perceptions of War and Its Aftermath. London: Continuum, 2001.
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An appropraite response??
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