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Node.cincy - October 10, 2012 - Adventures with Node.js

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Chris Ridenour

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Node.cincy - October 10, 2012 - Adventures with Node.js

And how I annoyed my previous co-workers My Adventures with Node.js And why Node.js? What did I build? Async, imagemagick and express (LESS + Jade)
Async - escape callback hell (thanks to our first meeting)
Imagemagick - asynchronous image manipulation
Express - Essential framework in Node.js How did I build it? Understanding how to write modules for Express Biggest Challenges StartupCincy.com version 2.0
What better to parse JSON than Javascript?
Analytics at Lisnr
Concurrency for one API call expected to be 300-3000x more than any other API call
Discussion: Python + Celery or Node?
Back to my roots: Multiplayer games
Started web development doing multiplayer Facebook games
I want to return - Node.js lets you develop the client and server in same language! What's next for me & node? PlaceChris Links Placeholder image generator
Needs to have fast, predictable response times
Yay Modulus + Node!
Sustain these response times with high concurrency
Image generation + I/O are great for async!
Compiling and delivering LESS before dynamic content Thinking in async! In app.js generator/index.js and My router was conflicting with static files - mainly LESS
Has to do with order of operations in app.js
LESS, then static, then everything else
Seems obvious now!
A bigger challenge than I anticipated
No "You're an idiot" error message - just very, very strange "functionality"
Inside a view function, everything needs to fall into one async.waterfall()
Lisnr http://placechris.com
http://github.com/cridenour/placechris http://lisnr.com
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