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SHU - First Impressions - Exceeding Expectations

No description

Tevis Austin

on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of SHU - First Impressions - Exceeding Expectations

Lasting Impressions - exceed expectations.
What is it like to be a guest?
Be Our Guest...
Presentation is everything.
Impressions are important.
Nothing is more important than the guest.
Be on time.
Be prepared.
Know Spring Hills.
Be aware.
Make eye contact.
Attitude and Tone.
Be friendly and helpful.
I must do my part.
Serving is what we live for.
First Impressions
- exceeding expectations -

In retail, within the first 90 seconds a person makes a buying decision.
- Tom Hopkins
Within the first 10 minutes, vistiors have formed an opinion about your church.
- Rick Warren
Where do you shop? Why do you frequent the same place? Who blew you away with excellent service or remarkable quality?
"The churches delivering experiences that exceed expectations are those to which people return...The people who come through your doors on the weekend are initially making decisions as consumers. Whether they return rests on their entire experience on your campus. They leave asking the same questions they ask of businesses: Was this worth my time? Do the people care about me? Am I valued here?" - pages 14-17
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