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9r1/ yr10 Merchant of Venice

No description

Timothy Yeaes

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of 9r1/ yr10 Merchant of Venice

And Finally What was Venice like in Shakespearian times? Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Explore the Language and write a paragraph explaining what you think the Play might be about! Why do we study the plays of Shakespeare? From your Wordle Benefits What do you find difficult about Shakespeare.

What Shakespearean plays & characters can you remember?

What skills do you learn from reading Shakespeare? Lesson Objectives:

Explore the skills that you will develop during this unit.

Understand the key characters and themes of the play. H/W - write 5 lines describing what Venice was like in 1500s - 1600s Turn to Act 1 Scene 1 line 161 Which Characters have we met so far?

What do certain Characters feel towards other Characters?

Why do these Characters feel this way? Lesson Objectives:

Write simple comments about characters and events in Act 4. E/D

Explore the emotions of Shylock, using quotes - C

Summarize & explain Shylock's argument in Act 4, Scene 1. - B Bassanio
Antonio What is Antisemitism? Why does it exist? Identify 5 things that Antonio says or does that is antisemitic towards Shylock. Lesson Objectives:

Explain the key events of Act 1.

Comment on the emotions of the central characters. Summarize Act 1, in 5 lines. List down the key event(s) of the play so far. Understand the events in the plot so far.

Comment on why Characters feel a certain way towards others.

Judge the morality of the Central Character. Lesson Objectives: Act 2 Scene 3

- What is Jessica planning to do?
- How would this make Shylock feel and Why? Act 3 Scene 1 Is Shylock the victim or the villain Jessica & Lorenzo Victim Villain Solanio
Servant Status:.................................. Name:
Occupation: Wall Posts................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Create a facebook account for one of the central characters. Portia has narrowed it down to 3 suitors. Prince of Morocco Prince of Spain Gold Silver Lead In pairs Find out....
Who selects which casket?
Why they select it? You are looking for these parts...
Act 2, Sc 7 - Act 2, Sc 9 - Act 3, Sc2 Lesson Objectives:

Recap on events of the plot so far.

Understand the subplot.

Develop you research skills. Persuade/ Argue / Inform People at the back - Persuade me to inflate this ballon.

People in the middle - Inform me about this ballon.

People at the front - Argue the case for not inflating the ballon.

Lesson Objectives

Develop your Argumentative and Persuasive skills!
Explore the Themes and Characters of the play! In Pairs/Threes (No Fours) Shylock is the Villain of the piece.
Shylock is the Victim of the piece.
Antonio deserves what's coming to him.
Miss Amor's, Mr Preston's, Mr Male's, Hughes', Carter's & Yeates' Dramatic Performances are the best way to enhance our understanding of the play.
A profound understanding of Shakespeare enhances all of our learning.
The themes of this play are timeless and still have significant relevance today. Argue the case for one of the following statements.
Go away, but don't run off, and prepare a compelling argument.

Everyone must say something.

Return by 11:35 at the latest! The rules of the lesson... What has happened to Antonio's Ships?

Will he have to forfeit his bond with Shylock?

Does it look like shylock will get his pound of flesh?

What is Dramatic Irony? Starter Questions: Lesson Objectives:

Understand the events of Act 3 & Act 4

Explain Shylock's feelings towards his bond.

Explore Shylock's rationale. Act 3, Scene 3 Why does Antonio say the Duke will allow Shylock to take his pound of flesh?

Why does Shylock say he has nothing to fear in asking for Antonio's flesh?

Find a quote that supports the court's attitude towards Shylock's bond.

Why does Shylock prefer the flesh over money?

What comparrison does Shylock make between what he is doing and what the Christians do. Act 4, Scene 1 Where's Venice? Act 1, Scene 3 - Shylock, Bassanio & Antonio. Research what Venice was like in Shakesperean times. Create a brochure advertising 16th century Venice! What cultural things can one do. Is it a wealthy place? What opportunities are there for merchants? Today's Task Lesson Objectives:

Explain what Venice was like in Shakespearian times.

Explore the social, cultural, religious and legal aspects of Renaissance Venice.

Use a range of PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES in your design. PSHE Assessment - ANGER MANAGEMENT! Lesson Objectives:
Identify the pyhsical/mental symptoms associated with anger.
Manage your own feelings in a better way.
Understand the more effective choices when responding to conflict. Assessment task.

Complete a story board....

......that explains an angry situation you handled badly.

...that explains how you anger could have been managed better and how the situation could have been resolved more effectively. Characters
Explanations Explain the characters and events of the plot & subplot.

Identify quotes for characters and events.

Explore the feelings of the Characters. Lesson Objectives: Where is it set, who have we met, how do they feel, and what events have taken place? SALARINO
I am sure if Antonio doesn't repay, you will not take
his flesh: what's that good for?

I will use it for fish bate: if it will feed nothing else,
it will feed my revenge. He hath disgraced me, and
hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses,
mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my
bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine
enemies; and what's his reason? I am a Jew. Hath
not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs,
dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with
the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison
us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not
revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will
resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian,
what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian
wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by
Christian example? Why, revenge. The villany you
teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I
will better the instruction. Summarize the key points of Shylock's DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE in 5 lines
I'll use his flesh for fish food. He constantly goads me and is racist towards just because I am Jewish. Christians and Jews are pretty much the same. In seeking revenge, I am only doing what a any angry Christian would do in my situation. Mr Yeates' summary Create a 10 - 15 line dramatic monologue for a chracter other than Shylock Explore the emotions of your character.

Convey their feelings towards other characters and events in the play. Explore the feelings of a character.

Develop your speaking and listening skills. Lesson Objectives: 3ooo Ducats confident misbeliever Portia economic the Rialto revenge hates
Bassanio 3 months cultural a cut-throat dog
lend money Antonio Shylock a pound of flesh
spit upon his gaberdine Fill in the blanks with these words Who said what now? I"n Belmont there is a lady richly left. Her name is Portia - Oh had I but the means to compete with her suitors."

I shall feed fat the grudge I bear him.

The villainy you teach me I will execute.

I know why he loathes me, I oft lent money to his debtors.

I wish she were hearsed at my foot with the ducats in her ear.

Farewell; and if my fortune be not crost,
I have a father, you a daughter lost.

The Duke will never grant this forfeiture to hold.

The Duke cannot deny the course of law, it would undermine the justice of the state. Lesson Objectives:

Understand events of Acts 2 & 3.

Explore the aspects of Shylock's character. Create your own Cloze test Summarize the rest of the play in a page. - Points to include.

What has Jessica done?
What happened about the Caskets?
What has caused Shylock to want revenge?
The Trial In Belmont their is a lady richly left. Oh I wish I had the means to compete with her suitors.

Go and try what my credit will do in Venice.

I hate him for he is a christian.

I will feed fat the grudge I bear him. WHO
WHAT? All that glistens is not gold, fare thee well, thy suit is cold. Annotate your Script.

What has happened to Antonio's Ships?

Will Antonio make the repayment of the debt?

What different emotions does Shylock feel?

Highlight/ underline words that reflect his emotions. Do you feel sorry for Shylock?
Is he right to seek revenge?
Does Antonio deserve all he gets? How do you feel on a scale of 1 - 10 Lesson Objectives:
List down the emotions experienced by Shylock e.g. love, boredom etc

Highlight the quotes that reflect Shylock's emotions


Summarize the points that Shylock makes in his argument, defending his right to take Antonio's flesh. Antonio's Trial Task. Extension Task - How does sentence structure & punctuation reflect character emotions? Merchant of Venice Quiz 1. Who is in Love with Portia?
2. Where does Portia live?
3. Who borrows money from Shylock?
4. How much does Shylock lend?
5. How long does he lend it for?
6. What religion is Shylock?
7. What is the forfeit of the bond?
8.Where do the Merchants do their trading?
9. What is Shylock's daughter called?
10. Who does Shylock's daughter run off with?
11. What religion are they?
12. Who selects the Gold Casket?
13. Who selects the Silver Casket?
14. Which Casket does Bassanio select?
15. What has happened to Antonio's ships?
16. "All that glistens is not ..................."
17. "If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my.............................."
18/19. "though called me a ..................................& a ........................................."
20. "I am Jew! Hath noth a Jew............." 1. Bassanio
2. Belmont
3. Antonio
4. 3000 daucats
5. 3 months
6. Jewish
7. A pound of flesh
8. The rialto
9. Jessica
10. Lorenzo
11. Christian
12. Prince of Morocco
13. Prince of Aragon
14. Lead
15. Sunk
16. gold
17. revenge
18. misbeliever
19. cut-throat dog
20. eyes Understand the events and characters of the plot.

Explain how the Characters and events are linked. Lesson Objectives: Stick your QUOTE to the correct CHARACTER on the door. Explore the emotions of Shylock in Act 4 Sc.1

Explain Shylock's argument during Antonio's Trial. Lesson Objectives: Who said what, to whom, and what about? You will not take such a bond for me, i'd rather dwell in my necessity!

The Duke cannot deny the course of law, Venice's wealth depends on it.

If it will feed nothing else it will feed my revenge.

The villainy you teach me I will execute
If my fortunes be not crost,
I, a father, you a daughter lost. I am going to leave this room for 5 minutes.

In my absence you can write anything on this paper.

I shall return and blindfold myself, then hold up the paper. Lesson Objective:

To understand the term Dramatic Irony and identify it within a text. (C)

Explain the effect created by Dramatic Irony. (B)

Create Dramatic Irony. (A) Lesson Objectives:

Comment on the religious context of the play.

Explore the feelings of a central character.

Analyze the mixed, confusing and conflicting emotions of the central characters. What do we learn about Shylock's character in this scene? C - grade

What techniques does Shakespeare use to engage the audience in this scene? B - grade

If you were Shylock, what would you do? Show mercy or take your penalty? A - grade If you could create a SUBTITLE that would capture the essence of this play what would it be? "Can the heart of law be violated by sticking to the letter of it" Lesson Objectives:

Identify a range of dramatic techniques used by a playwright. L.5

Explain the effect that dramatic techniques have on the audience. L.6

Empathize with the central character. L.7 This scene shows Shylock to be a ..................................... character, because................ Portia says that the Duke cannot bend the rules of the law because......................... Finish the sentences. Summarize the events of Antonio's Trial. 3 reasons does Shylock give to justify his decision to take the flesh?

Why does Portia say the Duke will have to allow Shylock his bond?

Do you feel sorry for Shylock? Who is at the trial and what is it about? What Just wants revenge for what his daughter did. "I wish my daughter had gone with any of the devil's children, rather than a christian." Lesson Objectives:

Explain the events of Act 4 Scene 1.

Explore the character of Shylock across the play. How does Shakespeare present CONFLICT in the play? (Controlled Assessment Title for next month) How many examples of 'CONFLICT' can think of from the play? Giving Nation Challenge 2012. What does the word 'CHARITY' mean?

How many charities can you list?

What types of things can someone donate to a charity? Today's task - Money raising ideas.

In small groups - think of a way that the tutor group can raise money.

You have a budget of £35 to buy resources e.g. cooking materials/ posters.

How would you promote it - create a persuasive poster & speech. What does CONFLICT mean? Create a 3-5 min sketch in which two characters, whom are in conflict with each other, discuss their differences. In groups of 3... Why does Jessica hate her father? Explain the feelings and emotions of a central character.

Explore the reasons why conflict exists between two characters.

Create empathy with one of the central characters. Lesson Objectives: Who are each of these characters in conflict with? Shylock
The Duke Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Time Events Plot you event along the time line.

1. .Antonio borrows 3000 ducats from Shylock.

2. Shylock is racially abused by the Christians & wants revenge.

3. Shylock gets a pound of Antonio’s flesh if doesn’t repay the money.

4. Shylock’s daughter, Jessica runs away with Lorenzo who is Christian.

5. Portia’s wedding ring is hidden in 3 caskets and her suitors must choose. Bassanio chooses correctly.

6. Antonio’s ships sink and he has to forfeit the bond with Shylock.

7. The Duke has to grant the bond because Venice's wealth depends on a good legal system.

8. Shylock argues in court why he is right to take Antonio’s flesh.

9. Portia turns up to Antonio’s trial disguised as a lawyer to persuade Shylock to show mercy.

10. Shylock just wants revenge and cannot be persuaded to show mercy.

11. Portia states that the law only grants Shylock a pound of flesh and not any blood.

12. Shylock has broken the law and must convert to christianity and leave his wealth to Jessica and Lorenzo. Love Hate Revenge Betrayed Abused
Passion Friendship Disgusted Bitter Anger
Joy Hurt Guilt Lesson Objectives:

Recap on the significant events of the Play.

Identify quotes for each character. "I have a wife, but I would sacrifice her to save you."

"I hate him for he is a Christian."

"I will feed fat the grudge i bear him."

"You call me misbeliever & cut-throat dog, and spit upon my gaberdine."

"In Belmont their is a lady richly left - her name is Portia."

"The bond only allows you a pound of flesh. if you spill one drop of christian blood - you die!"

"Though I am of my father's customs, I am not of his manners." Quotes Adjectives I Will be filming on Friday!!! Write down what you think these words/phrases mean? Nipperkin =
Quaint =
To sell your traps =
Foe =
Infantry =
Enlist =
Half- a- Crown =
Had he and I but met
By some old ancient inn,
We should have set us down to wet
Right many a nipperkin!

But ranged as infantry,
And staring face to face,
I shot at him as he at me,
And killed him in his place.

I shot him dead because--
Because he was my foe,
Just so: my foe of course he was;
That's clear enough; although

He thought he'd 'list, perhaps,
Off-hand like--just as I--
Was out of work--had sold his traps--
No other reason why.

Yes; quaint and curious war is!
You shoot a fellow down
You'd treat, if met where any bar is,
Or help to half a crown. The Man He Killed Thomas Hardy Explain how conflict is presented in a poem.

Compare the way that conflict is presented in a poem and a play. lesson objectives Questions on the poem. Who is the speaker? What are they talking about? D/C Grade.

What is the tone of their voice? C/B

What is the rhyme scheme? What mood/atmosphere does this give to the poem? B

"because - because he was my foe." How does this line reflect the way Hardy's thinking? A/A* Underline the amount of times Shylock says "you", "me", "us" & "we" What has made Shylock ANGRY, BITTER and DETERMINED to get revenge?

5. 1. What is the tone of Shylock's voice? (C)

2. What is the rhyme pattern in Hardy's poem? (C)

3. Why are there so many question marks used in Shylock's monologue? (B)

4. What mood/atmosphere is created by the rhyme? (B)

5. The Boer War When & Where did it occur?
We could have crossed the road but hesitated,
And then came the patrol;
The leader conscientious and intent,
The men surly, indifferent.
While we stood by and waited
The interrogation began. He says the whole
Must come out now, who, what we are,
Where we have come from, with what purpose, whose
Country or camp we plot for or betray.
Question on question.
We have stood and answered through the standing day
And watched across the road beyond the hedge
The careless lovers in pairs go by,
Hand linked in hand, wandering another star,
So near we could shout to them. We cannot choose
Answer or action here,
Though still the careless lovers saunter by
And the thoughtless field is near.
We are on the very edge,
Endurance almost done,
And still the interrogation is going on. The Interrogation by Edwin Muir Lesson Objectives:

Discuss what WORK is and involves.

Understand about JOB and CAREER satisfaction.

Explore the legal restrictions of youth employment. The World of Work. Write down what you understand about these words.

How do they differ? Work

A Job

A Profession

A Career In your opinion, what makes a good job? Feeling Valued. Opportunity to travel. Flexible Hours. Pension. Status Encouraging Boss Use to Society. Pleasant Colleagues Good Pay. Formal Dress Code Job Security Good Training The Law & Work - TRUE/FALSE. Only children over 12 can work.

It's not necessary to have a work permit.

On schooldays a 13-16 year old can work for 3 hours in total.

On Saturdays a 15 year old can work for upto 8 hours.

In School holidays a teenager can work for 35 hrs a week.

The employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment.

Young teenagers are allowed to:

Sell alcohol
Work in a betting shop
Work on a farm
Work in an abatois
Sell tobacco
Wash cars Lesson Objectives:

Compare the way conflict is presented in two texts.

Explore the theme of conflict between two central characters. What do these words mean... Interrogation
Endurance What is a SYLLABLE? How many syllables are there in your name? Dom in ic - - - 1 2 3 How may syllables are there in these lines...

"Had he and I but met
By some old ancient inn" "I shot him dead because -
Because he was my foe" E.g. "I shot him dead because - because he was my foe."

How does the dash between because & because reflect the way the speaker feels? (A) Killer Quotes

Every damn one of 'em has got a piece of land in their heads, never under their hand.

I get awful lonely... I coulda been in picters.

I outta have shot my own dog.

I could live so easy if I didn't have you.

I tried not to forget George... honest.

She's purrty.

She's a rattrap if ever I saw one!

Guys like us that work on ranches, are the lonliest guys in the world.

We kinda look after each other.

Books aint no good. A guy needs somebody. A guy gets too lonely an gets sick!

I knew we'd never do her.

What the hell ya suppose is eatin' them two guys? What is the poem Time to shine!!! This morning you rehearse!
This arvo you perform! Where does your statement belong? The Man He Killed The Merchant of Venice. BOTH Where do you think the poem is set? (Where in the world? City or Countryside?)

What sort of person do you think the speaker is? (Foreign, rich, poor, homeless, wealthy?)

What lies across the road for the speaker and his family when the interrogation finishes?

Who does the conflict lie between in this poem?

What type of narrator is used in the poem?

How is the interrogator described as being?

How does the interrogator make the speaker feel?

Why did the interrogator decide to stop this particular person and not any of the other people? (Clue is in line 1)

Who do you think the careless lovers are that saunter by? What makes them different from the speaker who was stopped by the interrogator?

Is there a regular rhyme scheme or flowing rhythm to the poem? If not – Why not?








REFUGEE ? A person who has been expelled from their home country due to war and is looking for a new country to live in. In 3 lines, Summarize what you think is happening in the poem, Who is the speaker?
What is happening to them?
How do they feel? THE INTERROGATION Lesson Objectives:

Understand what is happening in the poem.

Explain what is happening to the characters in the poem.

Explore how the speaker feels in the poem. Create a timeline of events for the poem Describe the Characters.
Comment on how the speaker feels.
Explain what else occurs during the interrogation.
USE QUOTES TIME EVENT Timeline for The Man He Killed Reminiscing about the foe he killed. Speaks in a calm tone of voice. "I shot him dead because - Because he was my foe" Stops to consider why he shot his foe. In a regretful voice he says they could have been friends. TIME EVENT EXTENSION TASK Pretend you are a news reporter, reporting on events that are happening at the scene of the interrogation. Write a page script explaining...
Where these refugees have come?
Where they are hoping to move to?
How do they look and what emotions are they experiencing?
What do the interrogators look like?
What effect are they having on the people they are questioning?
What are your surroundings like? Fill in the blanks to complete the summary.... THE INTERROGATION Edwin Muir refugees careless lovers "question" home country "hesitated" uncomfortable
boarder control
"surly, conscientious & intimidating" aggressively Interrogation Questions...
•Why do you think these refugees were made to leave their country? C - grade

•The conflict in this poem comes from an outsider trying to occupy a foreign country – can you think where this happens in the other texts? B - grade

•Is there a regular rhyme scheme or rhythmic beat to the poem? If not? Why not – what feeling does this reflect in the speaker? A/A* - grade

What makes the speaker different from the "careless lovers"? C - grade

Who is "interrogating" whom in the other extracts? What's the tone of their questioning? A-grade. Success Criteria Show understanding of what is happening to the people in the poem.
Describe the appearance of the characters in the poem.
Describe your surroundings using poetic techniques, addressing the 5 senses.
Explain the emotions of the characters in the poem.
Show creative insight into the poem.
Speak clearly and confidently.
Change the tone of your voice.
Use hand gestures and body language. How many refugees are there across the three texts you are comparing? Comparing the theme of CONFLICT across three texts Your Assessment is next week - We have this week to revise and create a notes page. Which text uses pronouns (E.g. he, they, we, us , me, I, them) rather than names of the characters Today you are going to practice and perform your adaptations Spelling Test! - Winner takes all! 1. SHAKESPEARE
20. PRONOUN 10/40 marks are for accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. Assessment Question: TOMORROW!!!! Examine the way Shakespeare presents the theme of conflict in the play, The Merchant of Venice.

Compare the way conflict is presented in this text with two other poems you have studied. Suggested essay plan:


Write down which 3 texts/authors you will be comparing. (All Dramatic Monologues)
Comment on how conflict arises through different types of refugees.

Paragraph 1:

Who is this character in conflict with and why? (Show knowledge of whole play & support with quotes from monologue.)

What emotions are Shylock experiencing during his speech? (support with quotes.)

What is his tone of voice?

How does the sentence structure and punctuation reflect his feelings?

Who are Shylock's enemies and what is he saying about him and them? (Support with quotes.)

Paragraph 2:

Comment on who the speaker is in the poem and what they are reminiscing about.

Compare the similar view that Hardy has regarding his foe. (support with quote "Because - because.")

Contrast the tone of Hardy's voice and emotions to those of Shylock.

How does the rhyme scheme and rhythm reflect the tone of Hardy's voice and mood of the poem?

Compare the way they use rhetorical questions.

Paragraph 3:


Who is the speaker and what are they talking about? Is it in 1st person like the other two texts?

Who is the conflict between in this poem?

How are they being made to feel, and by whom? What is the tone of the speakers voice?

How does the lack of rhyme and rhythm reflect the speakers emotion?

What makes them different from the "careless lovers."


Compare the use of pronouns across the 3 texts.
Comment on what the things are that create conflict in each text. Complete the comparative sentences. Hardy feels ................................. towards his foe Shylock feels............................................... WHEREAS IN CONTRAST TO Shylock's monolgue, the tone of Hardy's voice is............. Shylock highlights the similarities between himself and his foe, this is COMPARABLE/SIMILAR to... The writer's craft... Shakespeare presents the character of Shylock as being........................

Hardy employs an ............................................rhyme scheme and uses a regular ............................ ............................................ rhythm. alternating
iambic hexa
Because - because
careless lovers rhmye
short & sharp
question marks
angry Lesson Objectives: Comment on the importance of learning Shakespeare.

Understand the where the play is set.

Explain the meaning of key words to do with the play. What City is this? Learning Objective: Explain what the characters are like in Shakespeare's play. B Questions on ACT 1 & 2. 1. Who selects the Golden casket?
2. Who does Bassanio fancy?
3. Who is Portia's maidservant?
4. Where does Portia live?
5. What is written on the lead casket?
6. Where is Antonio's money invested?
7. Why does Jessica hate her father?
8. Who does Jessica run off with?
9. How much money does Bassanio need to borrow?
10. How long does Antonio get the ducats for?
11. What will happen if Antonio doesn't repay the money?
12. Why does Spain choose the Silver casket?
13. What nasty things does Antonio say to Shylock?
14. What does Shylock say when he finds Jessica has run off?
15. What is the name for the market place in Venice? E - GRADE D - GRADE C - GRADE Who are these characters?

What has happened so far? Bassanio SPAIN Morocco ACT 2 QUESTIONS 1. What 4 characters have we met?
2. What are the boxes made of?
3. Who chooses Gold?
4. What message is written on the Gold box?
5. Who chooses Silver?
6. What message is written on the Silver box?
7. What object is inside the Gold box?
8. What message is inside the Silver box?
9. Why does Spain choose Silver?
10. Why does Morocco choose Gold? Identify who all of the characters are.

Explain what events have happened so far.

Explain how the characters feel towards each other. Lesson Objective: Explore the feelings & character of Shylock What bad things has he done/said? What bad things has been done to him? Answers 1. Prince of Morocco
2. Portia
3. Nerissa
4. Belmont
5. He chooses me risks all they have.
6. In trading ships abroad
7. Because he is controlling
8. Lorenzo
9. 3000 ducats
10. 3 months
11. He gets to take a pound of flesh from him.
12. Because he's arrogant.
13. "misbeliever" & "cut-throat dog"
14. "Oh my ducats! Oh my daughter! Oh my ducats!"
15. The Rialto. Imagine you are Jeremy Kyle trying to sort out the problem between Shylock & Jessica? What questions would you ask each character to get them talking to each other? In groups act out a scene where jeremy Kyle Lesson Objective: Explore the feelings of Jessica & Shylock through drama. Lesson Objective:

Explore the emotions of Shylock. If you were in Shylock's position - would you go through with your deal with Antonio? Explore the feelings of the central characters in ACT 3 Lesson Objectives: Recap on all of the characters, events & themes of the play. Antonio feels ....................................

This is evident from the following quote "........................................."

He feels this way because........................................... E


C ANGRY HAPPY JOYFUL LOVE TERRIFIED GUILTY HATRED BETRAYED RELIEVED Lesson Objective: Write down a who, what & why question about the play... What happens to Shylock in this scene? Pretend you are a 17th century play critic and you have just seen the preview for 'The Merchant of Venice' Write a REVIEW of the play for a local newspaper Write about...
The main characters in the play.
The key events. E - GRADE
The main themes.
What the stage and costumes were like.
What you personally enjoyed about the play. D - GRADE
Compare it to another Shakespeare play.
Give it a rating. C-GRADE Lesson Objectives: Explain how Shylock & Jessica feel towards each other. Compare the way that parents feel about their children in two different texts. Understand how a parent feels about their child in a poem HOW DOES SHYLOCK FEEL ABOUT JESSICA? Seamus Heaney - What is going on in this poem? Compare the way parents feel about their children... In Seamus Heaney's poem '..............................................', he describes his mother as feeling ............................ about the death of .............................................

I can tell this from the following quote ".................................................." Shylock's daughter, who is called .............................................. has not died but has ...
As a result, Shylock feels ..................................... towards her. This is evident from the following quote "......................................................................" E - GRADE


C - GRADE Recap on the three texts.
Explain how parents & children feel in the texts. Midterm Break Merchant of Venice BOTH Understand how a parent feels about their child in a poem.

Find similarities between the poems and plays. Lesson Objectives: Andrew
Shannon On My First Son Charlotte
Emma Blunner
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