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Copy of Geographic features


Mr. McLaughlin

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Geographic features

A vent in the earth's crust which lava, steam, ashes, etc., expell through it.
Anger is what it's filled with
Filling in black in the sky like its heart
You can see smoke from its head
And feel the vibrations from its body
It leaves no traces of life but ashes

Born from its core
Huge like the planets
Frightening like an invation
Hot as the summer season
Fasinating like a continuos priceless movie

You can feel the heat flow right past you
You can feel the beat right underneath you
You can see the lava crawl towards you
You can see the smoke spread all aroud you
You can see wild animals running the opposite direction

Red and yellow flames that flow down its body
Noise of fustration is what it makes
Deadly to those who touch the beast
Suffocation to those who breath its breeze
Fear is what makes yourself weak
Salt water that covers most of the earth's surface.

Volcanoes impact the population in a bad way and a good way.
A volcano can impact the population in a bad way because houses, buildings, homes, and fields can be collapsed and covered with ash.
Also, the gas from the volcano can be deadly so if you breath it in it can kill you. A good way it impacts the population is because when the lava cools down, it leaves rich soil for farming. Also, it can create new land and plants can grow from the cooled lava since it creates rich soil.
Good and Bad
Arenal Volcano in South America
Carribean Sea
Sky blue in the sea at daylight
Fish swimming in the sea is a delight
Waves that swish towards the shore
I can see everything as I push open the door
I love the sea and its wonderful view

Black in the sea at night time
The reflection from the moon light makes the water shine
Fish that sleep under the water
To increase it's peaceful sleep it only takes a dollor
To make aware of pollution just holler

Man kind is polluting the sea
Stop this madness? I agree
Killing all the innocent fishes
All caused by such evil witches
Stop them before things become worse please

You see all sorts of things under the water
From uggliest to the most beautifulest things
The sea holds fishes that feed our mouths
I don't think anybody will care about them until they run out
Stop the pollution in the sea, SHOUT
Stop Pollution
Seas impact the population is a good way, but humans impact the seas
is a bad way. The sea impacts us in a good way because it contains water
all living things need to stay alive. It also contains food like fish and seaweed
that we also need to keep our bodys functioning. Humans impact the sea in
a bad way because we pollute it and trash it. For example, some humans
are just too lazy and they dump their trash in the water. This would lead to
problems for the fishes that live in that area because they wouldn't have clean
water to breath in anymore, they would have dirty water that they would have
to sufficate in and may possibly die from which can lead to distiction on the
certain fish. Although the seas are fairly large, we still need to keep its enviroment
The Good and Bad
Wakiki Beach, Honolulu
an area of sand or pebbles along a shore.
Relaxation on the cozy beach. I hear the waves that make
that soothing "swosh" sound. I feel the warm sun soak upon my delicate skin. I see fragile sea turtles that crawl to the sea and I see happy people smiling and laughing. I smell the refreshing beach air.

I hear enthusiastic people playing and enjoying the warm, soft
sand. The big splashes that they make when they swim around in the pleasant sea. In the background, I hear someone entertaining playing the ukelulu and singing a lovely song with lyrics that are heartwarming. People are rapidly gathering around, clapping and singing with the rhythmic beat. I can just assume from their lovely voices that everyone is having the time of their lives.

I see the water crashing along the shore. Smiling couples
are holding hands and walking along the side of it and leaving wide footprint trails behind them. I can see the summery sun reflecting on the warm sea. When I slowly look behind me I see huge palm trees and many beautiful colored flowers. As I gradually look around me, I see overjoyed familys gathering and having a delicious picnic on the sandy beach. Just seeing all these captivating images makes my day.

I feel the warm sand as I dip my hand in the heated ground and
feel it flowing down back to its place. The oceans breeze blows against my heated face, sweeping my long hair back. The suns rays spreads around my skin, covering every inch of my body. Coming out of the warm sea, the water slides down my skin and my body feels refreshed. Instantly, I feel the cool water start to dry up along my silky skin.

The wonderful experience of the beach is like no other. When
I'm here I feel relaxed like I have no worries in my life. When I'm here I feel like im at home, I'm safe. Just something about the amazing beach makes me a brighter person. The beach is where my fasinating life, my unbelievable world, and my marvelous happiness is and nobody can ever replace the love I have for it.
The Beach
Good and Bad
Beaches impact the population in a good
way and a bad way. A reason why beaches impact the population in a good way is because it is very enjoyable to hang out at especially on a hot summer day. And also, it's a great idea just to have family or friend bonding. A reason why beaches impact the population in a bad way is because there is beach erosion that affects humans by having the waves crash up on a bluff, taking away the majority of the sand. On top of a bluff is where houses are set on and since the waves are making the sand disappear beneath it, they are destroying the houses.
A large ares of land covered with trees and
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
I enter the enormous green giant. Its waters that flow down
from giant cliffs. Cool breezes you can feel that rub gently against your skin. Beautiful flowers you see starting to bloom. Fresh air is what I breath in. I shall explore this unknown mysterious world.

GREEN. The main color of everything I view in this world.
Trees are everywhere and are tall like a skyscraper. As I slowly start to walk, there is a mysterious trail thats already been made and something tells me to follow this unfamiliar path. As I start to slowly walk again, I began to glimpse a beautiful view of mildly light sunlight that shines past the towering trees.

I move closer to the mysterious light and the unknown trail
leads further. I look up and I see tall trees that seem impossible to climb. When I look down, I see their pleasant shadows and a area of sunlight around them. All of a sudden I stop and carefully listen. Make no harsh movement and you can hear the sweet sounds of chirping and a close waterfall near by.

My ears are leading me and now I am following the sound of
the waterfall. I turn towards the direction that I gain more sound from. I can tell that I'm getting closer and I get an urge of excitement from my rapidly beating heart beat. Closer and closer I get and then finally right before my eyes, I galnce at the mighty waters that touch the sky and flow down from rock to rock till it touches the Earth. I think my heart skipped a beat, it's just the most beautifulest thing that my eyes has ever seen.

The experience of entering the green giant was unexpected.
My eyes seen things that was never before seen. I saw trees, I saw dirt, I saw water, I saw sunlight, I saw nature. Words can't decribe how amazing this world is. But how can you see such a thing when in reality, everything about nature is falling apart?
Green Giant
Good and Bad
Forests impact the population in a good but humans impact it in
a bad way. They impact the population in a good way because they help clean our air and it gives a home for many species. Also, it gives us resources that us humans need. Unfortunately, as the population expands we destroy the source that we get our clean air from and resources from. The more we destroy our forest's, we destroy our natural enviroment and the homes of other species who live in those enviroment.
a stream of water of fairly large size flowing in a course of diverging and converging channels.
Swat River, Pakistan
Rivers make a huge impact in our world. They impact
our world by having many uses like sailing and fishing, by provide us drinking water, and by providing fish and wildlife habitat. People don't realize how important rivers are and instead of taking care of them, they pollute it killing habitats and our resources. Without rivers, it would be very hard living our lives.
In a river, it has a use of many things like sailing and
fishing. You can sail to go to a certain place in the world. Or, you can go fishing and provide food for your family or just for fun. On a hot day, you can even go swimming, have fun with your friends, or just hang around by one and listen to the water flow right by you. Also, it can provide a place for people to bathe in and to wash and clean their belongings.
Rivers also provide us drinking water if the water is
healthy enough. It can also provide an ingredient for our foods. If we didn't have clean water for us to drink, something in our society is just terribly wrong. We need fresh water to drink and without fresh water everyone and everything wouldn't survive.
Lastly, rivers provide fish and wildlife habitat. They
provide resources by having shelter near by the river and having a food supply with fish and plants. Wildlife animals live near rivers for survival and without them animals would have a hard way surviving. Humans also need rivers for survival and resources because rivers provide us fish we consume. In certain areas and to certain animals, fish is the most valuable food you can find.
Rivers impact our world by having many uses, providing
us drinking water, and by providing fish and wildlife habitat. Without rivers, the world would be very different and we'd have to live and act differently. To maintain our rivers, we should keep it clean by not polluting and dumping our trash in it. Rivers are not only important to us, but are also important to animals as well. We should not only keep it clean, but make it a safe enviroment that everybody can make useful.
River Facts
Good and Bad
Rivers impact the population in a good way,
but humans impact rivers in a bad way. They impact us in a good way because they provide us food and water. Also, they provide shelter for animals that live nearby. Humans impact water in a bad way because we pollute in it and uncaringly dump our trash in it. Some people just don't realize that if they keep polluting our rivers, the more there will be an extinction of animals and the worst our economy will be.
An area of land completely surrounded by water
Kauai Island, Hawaii
19 White Oak Drive
American Canyon, CA 94503
October 19, 2011

Andrew Goff
Island Homes
3000 Island Road
Island Town, HI 95678

Dear Andrew Goff:

Hello, my name is Julia Lagrosa and I am a real estate agent. The purpose of this letter is to tell you about why I think you should build houses on Kauai Island. Kauai Island is filled with beautiful views and amazing sunsets. It also has a huge open space of land near the coast that'd be perfect for someone to live on. Please don't let this area go to waste and start building houses for people's enjoyment.

You should build houses on Kauai Island because there is a huge open space of area that people are not using. Instead of wasting this area, I strongly suggest that you plan on building. Just imagine how many people would kill wanting to live near an ocean or a beach and wake up every morning to start of their day watching the sunset. People love the beach and sunset views and dream living by one. This is your chance to let the people who dream this dream have it come true.

Build houses on Kauai island because of it's beautiful views and sunsets. Do not waste this area and leave it empty. Make use of it for people's enjoyment so everyday they can wake up knowing that they choose a perfect place to stay in. If you agree with me, you should plan on building houses in spring 2012 and start hiring workers. Contact me on my cell phone at 707-385-8765 or write back as soon as possible.

Julia Lagrosa
Good and Bad
Islands impact the population in a good way but humans
can impact them in a bad way. Islands impact the population in a good way because it attracts people to see the enviroment. It can also provide a home for humans and other animals to life on. The reason why we impact islands in a bad way is because we can damage it my littering and take away supplies for other villages or sea animals. When people go to an island and then leave, they expect to collect something like a shell or a coral reef. Too many people taking collecting things like these is actually a bad thing because they are either taking away, or damaging a home for sea creatures that live nea the island.
A fall or flow of water in a watercourse from a height
Huangguoshu Waterfall, China
Would you rather have your lazy butt on the couch or would you want
to see the most beautiful thing on Earth? People in this world are being too lazy to go outside and do not know what's out in the world. Come see a waterfall for its beautiful and magical view of flowing water. You should see it because it has a peaceful sound, has a beautiful view of flowing water, and it's a good way to have fun. Waterfalls are beautiful in every single way and more people should come and see them.
The first reason I think people should see a waterfall is because it has
a peaceful sound. If you are quiet for just a second, you can hear the elegant sound a waterfall makes. If you're having a rough day, just visit a waterfall and close your eyes, then think of a happy place. BAM. Just like that, you can forget your problems.
The second reason why I think people should see a waterfall is because
it has a beautiful view of flowing water. How water flows down from great height and then elegantly drops down and makes a playful splash. How you can see the mist of water floating in the air. And how you can feel the tiny droplets of water drop on your face. If you go see a waterfall, I garantee you that it will be the most amazing thing your eyes had ever seen.
The third and final reason why I think people should see a waterfall
is because it's a good way to have fun. You can have fun with your family, friends, or even that somebody special. You guys can have a picnic near it, do research on it, bond near it, anything that's fun that you want to do. It's also a great time to have fun when it's a hot day because you can go swimming in one. Wow, a hot day, swimming, and picnic. Doesnt that sound like fun?
See a waterfall for one, its peaceful sound. Two, its beautiful view.
And three, a place to have fun. Waterfalls are very enjoyable and exciting. Thank you for reading my essay on why people should see a waterfall.
Good and Bad
Waterfalls impact the population in a good way, but humans impact them in
a bad way. Waterfalls impact humans in a good way because waerfalls seem to have a relaxing effect on us. It also has an effect to attract our attention. Humans impact them in a bad way becase of polution. If humans don't litter or pollute, we can actually save hundeds od waterfalls.
a hot spring that sends up fountain like jets of water and steam into the air.
Old Faithful Geyser Calistoga, California
Geysers are a hot spring that periodically erupts. Even though they sound
simple enough to find, they are actually very rare. For them to exist they have to have four components. They also can be found in the the United States. And, they have relationships with hot water and steam.
Geysers need four components for them to be a geyser. One, have hot
rocks below. Two, an ample ground water source. Three, a subservice water reservior. And four, fissures to deliever water in the service.
Most Geysers can be found outside of the country, but it doesn't mean
you can't find none in America. In America, we have the tallest geyser in the world in Yellowstone National Park. When it errupts, it erupts more than 300 feet in the air. In the last twenty years, it hasn't erupted more than ten times so there isn't much hope for it to erupt anytime soon. Besides this particular geyser, there are still many more in a few places in America.
Geysers have a relationship with hot water and steam. For them to erupt,
it has to have super heated ground water so it can blast its way to the surface. How it goes is that cool ground water sinks into Earth and approaches a heat source. When water gets near it, it steadily heats up to its boiling point, but there is no steam yet because of high confining pressure. At some point, the water becomes hot enough and the water gets blasted up above the ground.
Geysers are very rare and can only exist if they have the four components,
can be found in the United States, and have a relationship between hot water and steam. Since geysers are rare, I recommend that sometime in people's
lifetime they go and see one. You never know, maybe the geyser you see will be the last geyser that'll ever erupt. And there before you know it, there's that regret feeling of why didn't I go see that geyser.
Geyser Facts
Alan Glennon, About Geysers, Santa Barbara, California, University of California: Department of Geography, August 9, 2008
Good and Bad
Geysers impact the population in a good way, but humans impact them in a bad way.
They impact us in a good way because they attract our attention. Also, they are very unique so many people come just see them. Humans imapct geysers in a bad way because, at times, people throw rocks, sticks, coins, and other items into them. This can cause a reaction to its
natural circulation and also may harm them.
The third planet away from the sun and also the surface
of this planet
I am Human Being and I live on this planet my kind calls planet Earth. This planet
is full with nature and other kinds of creatures similar to me and also creatures that differ from me. In the beginning it's all fun, but time passes and there are changes that my planet is going through. I noticed that creatures are destroying this planet little by little each day. Come and take a jouney with me as I explain this tragic story...
The beginning of this planet was beautiful. Everything was all natural. Other kinds
of creatures would playfully fight, air would be fresh, and all water would be clean. Nothing was wrong with this world until my kind started creating this weird tool. Fire.
Centuries passed and there are noticeable changes that started to appear. Lately,
there weren't much playful fights, air wasn't fresh anymore, and water wasn't clean anymore. I noticed that these changes not only affected the population, but also affected the planet. It's like you can see it hurting from the inside and out when nobody else could see. If only they could see this planet and see what they're doing to it.
More and more centuries passed and there are major changes. There weren't any more fights, there were wars. There weren't anymore clean water, there was pollution. Creatures dying, natures natural ways were fading away, and pollution was growing. What has my kind done to this planet?
Earth is slowly dying and my kind is slowly destroying the planet that is our home. The more they continue this, the more it suffers and the more we suffer. My kind needs to realize that without this planet we are nothing. Earth has done nothing to us but give us a home to stay at and what we return for it in destruction.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace."
- Jim Hendrix
The Story of Earth
The Good and Bad
The Earth impacts the population in good way, but humans impact Earth in a bad way. Earth impacts us in a good way because it gives us a home. Also, it provides us food and water we need to surive. Humans impact Earth in a bad way because we pollute everything. We don't realize that the more we keep doing these things, the more we make our planet suffer and die.
Sonoran Desert
a region that's dry because of little rainfall that it supports only thin and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all
Deserts are very hot and dry and it covers one-third of Earths land
areas. Annually, there's less than 10 inches of rain each year. Due to water and vegetation, animal life is very limited. If humans were to live in a desert, it would be a deadly enviroment for us. We would rapidly lose water due to sweating and this would cause dehydration and death in a couple of days.
There are hot deserts as well as cold ones. The Antartic desert,
which expands on the whole continent, is an example of a cold desert. In hot deserts, the extremely high temperatures make normal vegetation and food a impossible task. Twenty percent of Earth's deserts are only covered
by sand. Based on topography, there are four types of deserts which are mountain basin deserts, plateau deserts, regs and intermontane basin.
Deserts are very arid and dry. They hardly get any rainfall per year
and due to that, plant and animal life is very limited. Though, animals that do live in these regions adapt to heat and low food source. Living in the desert can be deadly, but certain plants and animals can survive. Unlike humans, we have no chance in surviving.
Good and Bad
Deserts impact the population in a good way but humans
impact them in a bad way. They impact the population in a good way because they give us solar power energy that humans can use to power their belongings. Also, it can be a home for animals and plants. Humans impact deserts in a bad way because humans build roads through them. Or we just drive striaght through a desert destroying plants.
a natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit, and an altitude greater than a hill, usually greater than 2000 feet
Mt. Everest
Mountains are higher and steeper than a hill. They rise up in a limited
area and they are made out of rocks. They usually have steep sides, sharp or slightly rounded ridges and peaks. Also, they can be very rocky and barren. Some have trees growing on the sides and very high mountains have snow on the top.
Mountains rise all over the world and they have been pushed up to
the surface of Earth in many different ways. Some are volcanoes and some are dome volcanoes which has magma that rises up but does not reach the service. There are some mountains that grew when rocks were squeezed in folds while blocks of land were pushed by Earths plates. The world's greatest mountains ranges are formed by sideways pressure. Some even make up the world's highest peaks that formed on the ocean floor.
Mountains are completely different than hills. They rise up higher and
have sharp round edges. Also, they are made out of rock. They have made an impression for people's viewing and we have been fasinated by them. Mountains have changed the way we look at things.
Good and Bad
Mountains impact the population in a good way and a bad way.
They impact the population in a good way because they can provide opportunitys like hiking, camping, biking, etc. Also, because they are a very valuable source of water in desert climates providing creeks or rivers. They impact the population in a bad way because they can be very difficult to cross. It can also be dangerous because they can be filled with forests that can contain wolves and bears.
a landform having steep walls and somewhat of
a flat top
Mesa Verde, Colorado
Would you want to flip pages of seeing a mesa that you love
or would you rather travel and see one yourself? Come see the mesa Verde in Colorado! For one, it has breath taking image. Two, it's one
of the oldest national parks. And three, it has a amazing history.
It has a breath taking image because they have buildings that
are made out of sand and rocks. Isn't that amazing? How many things or how often do you see buildings made out of those materials? Not very often. So I suggest that you quit stop being lazy and start seeing this amazing feature!
Mesa Verde National Park is one of the oldest national parks.
The park was established in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It holds the ancient culture of a group of people. For more than 700 years, people lived and flourished there. After a generation or two, they moved for reasons that remain a mystery.
The last reason why you should visit Mesa Verde is because it has
an amazing history. The people who lived there many years ago were known for basket makers for their impressive carft art. They lived by farming which replaced hunting and gathering. Also, they lived in pithouses packed in small villages that they usually built on the mesa top. Later in the future, they learned how to make bow and arrows which made hunting more easier.
Visit Mesa Verde because it's amazing and very beautiful. One, it
has a breath taking image. Two, it's one of the oldest national parks. And three, it has an amazing history. Mesa's are very unique and I hope you see this particular mesa very soon!
Mesa Verde
Good and Bad
Mesa's impact the population in a good way and a bad way.
The reason they impact the population in a good way is because they give humans something to visit. Instead of laying down and staying home all day, seeing a mesa gives them something to do. They reason they impact the population in a bad way is because people can commit suicide from jumping from the top of it. It might be fun seeing the view from the top of a mesa, but jumping or falling from the edge of it is not fun at all.
A land area having a level surface that's raised above joining land on at least one side, and often cut by canyons.
Roan Plateau
A walk on a flat surface of green grass. I feel the soft ground under my
feet. The breezy wind, the warm air, and the beautiful hills. How'd I get here you may ask? Take a journey with me as you read my story.
Another normal day, that's all it was honestly. My family was just
laying down on the couch, just doing their usual thing. Until my parents had a talk and had an idea to go on a road trip. They discussed their plan with me and I figured since I had nothing to do, why not be with them on their road trip discovering new adventurous places. And I can only imagine what places that my family would discover.
I pack my bags just thinking about all the possibilities of places or things
I might see. I might see an exploding volcano, a UFO, or even bigfoot! Who knows? All I know was that as soon as I was done packing I was off. Bonding with my family and discovering new things.
Now on the road and I just stare outside of my car window looking at
pretty much nature. Trees, dirt, birds, and grass. All of a sudden when my car starts slowing down out of nowhere, my Father tells my Mom and I the car ran out of gas. Great, this trip turned out to a nightmare. Until I opened my car and felt the warm air splash to my face and heard the soothings sounds of life.
I felt the green grass and saw the tall canyons. I saw chirping birds
and moving trees. I felt happiness and joy flowing through my body. Although I had one day of adventure, I've had the most delightfully unexpected adventure. This moment of my life, I could never forget.
Unexpected Stop
Good and Bad
Plateau's impact the population in a good way, but human's
impact them in a bad way. They impact us in a good way because they can provide a home for animals. Also, they can provide food for them because plateau's can grow grass that they can eat. Human's impact the population in bad way because we can trash it by dumping unnecessary things on it. For example: Trash, food, oil, ashes for cigarettes, etc.
a hollow in the earth, especially one opening more into a hill, mountain, etc.
Liang Bua Cave
19 White Oak Drive
American Canyon, CA 94503
December 12, 2011

Andrew Goff
Cave Services
3000 Cave Lane
Cave City, HI 96875

Dear Andrew Goff:

Hello, my name is Julia Lagrosa and I am a geologist. The purpose of this letter is to tell you about why I think you should fund money to protect caves. Caves need our protection and are actually extremely fragile. Fragile objects or species can be easily destroyed by an act of vandalism. Please don't let caves be destroyed and start protecting them for students to study them or for the shelter of animals.

You should protect caves because they are extremely fragile and can be a home for fragile objects and animals. Instead of letting them be destroyed, I strongly suggest that you plan on funding. Just imagine how many people who would want to study caves and how many animals you'd save because they got protected all because of one cave. Some geologists love to study caves and some animals would be thankful waking up the next morning protected by a cave. This is your chance to save innocent animals and to save a place where students can study caves.

Fund money for caves because they are very fragile and they can protect animals. Do not let this area be destroyed just because of a foolish act. Protect caves so students can enjoy studying in them and also so that animals can have a home to stay in. If you agree with me, you should plan on funding for protecting caves in summer 2012 and start creating ideas. Contact me on my cell phone at 707-653-2651 or write back as soon as possible.

Julia Lagrosa
Good and Bad
Caves impact the population in a good way, but
humans impact them in a bad way. They impact us in a good way because they allow people, like students or geologists, to study them. Also, they can provide protection for animals. Humans impact them in a bad way because they can vandalize caves. If they do, they can destroy it and people can't study them and animals may lose a home.
Clear or distinct to the eye
Plain in southeastern Nebraska
Flat and wide
Plain. It doesn't shine
I don't see its uniqueness in any way
All I see is dirt and grass everyday

A plain is a geographic feature
Living beside it are a million creatures
Plants can grow from it to provide us food
Its in our bodys now, already chewed

Animals can eat the grass growing from it
People can build houses on top of it
Kids can roll and play in it everyday
Old people can play golf on it any day

They are everywhere on Earth
They are here, it's the place of their birth
You can farm animals on the land
Do anything illegal, and you'll be banned

Plain's are greographical features
That we see each day
Plain's are more than just plains
They provide for us everyday
Plain Plain's
Good And Bad
Plain's impact the population in a good way, but humans impact them in
a bad way. They impact us in a good way because they can provide us food that we can grow from the ground. Also, it can provide us an environment to play in. Human's impact them in a bad way because we can trash it. Also, we can light it on fire and damage it if careless people don't dispose of their cigarittes
The pointed top of a mountain
Adams Peak, Sri Lanka
High above the ground
Its top that touches the sky
I climb to get to the top
Why does this peak have to be so high?

Step by step
Breath by breath
I get closer to my destination
Climbing to the top

I'm getting a major work out
Using my leg muscles to step
And using my arm muscles for support
Almost to the top now, thank the Lord

I can see it now
My hardworking destination
To the top of the peak
That I vowed to achieve at

Finally, through the sweat and tired nights
I made it to the top
I can see the world world in my eyes
I feel like God
Good and Bad
Peak's impact the population in a good way, but it doesn't
really impact us in a bad way neither do humans impact them in a bad way. They impact the population in a good way because they can provide us good exercise. It can give us good cardiovascular strength
for healthy living for a healthy life. Also, if we climb it it can give us a wonderful view in return. When you're on top of it, you can basically
feel like you're viwing the whole world.
Key Geographic Features
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