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World Geography Ch. 7 Consumption in the U.S.

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Bryan Poepperling

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of World Geography Ch. 7 Consumption in the U.S.

How do these videos make you want to buy their product?
The most common measurement of a country's level of development
Consumption: A way of life in the U.S.
Food and Oil Consumption in the U.S.
Computer and Internet Use Patterns
Food Consumption Patterns
Oil Consumption Patterns
Developed and developing countries use different amounts of technology

- Who do you think uses more, MDC's or LDC's?

- Computers are everywhere in the developed world: In government, businesses, schools, and homes

Digital Divide-
the gap between those who have access to computers and internet and those who do not.
- Many developing countries have this problem and are working every day this divide
Consumption Patterns in the United States
Ch. 7:
MDC's and LDC's
More Developed and Less Developed Countries
The World's Greatest Producers
Developed Countries: wealthy countries like the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany,

Developing Countries: poor countries that do not have a lot of wealth like Central African Republic, Nigeria, Ethiopia

- What are two differences between developed and developing countries?
- The GDP of the United States is greater than that of China and India combined!

- The U.S. has a highly skilled work-force because most of the young people in the country finish high school and go on to either get a job or go to college to get a degree for a specific job

- Americans also have a strong work ethic, and a belief that hard work will make them successful in life

- Both the work ethic and drive for success encourage Americans to work harder than anyone in any other country
Mr. Poepperling
Standards and Objectives
SS. 912 G2.2
1. Explain the difference between developed and developing countries

2. Describe consumption patterns in the US through food, oil, and technology

3. Explain what GDP is and how it measures a country's level of development
Ticket Out of the Door
Ch. 7 L2
1. What is the difference between developed and developing countries? Give an example of an MDC and an LDC

2. Do people consume more food, oil, and technology in the developed or developing world, and why?

3. What is GDP and how does it measure a country's level of development?
- Consumption: the use or purchase of goods
and services
- The average American
spends thousands of
dollars each year on
personal consumption
- There is enough food on the earth for everyone, but it is not distributed evenly

- Developed countries consume more calories per day than those in developing countries

- Poverty stops people from buying food
- Poverty leads to hunger

- Farmers can make enough food in developing countries, but citizens cannot afford it!
- Developed countries use more fossil fuel than developing countries

- Developed countries depend on oil for daily needs
- Developing countries are slowly using more oil every day

- Someday in the future, oil will run out

- What will the world do if it is faced with an oil shortage?
Examples of goods:
Examples of services:
- Per capita means "per person"
- means the amount of production per person in the United States
What is a Cartogram?
Cartogram: a map that compares numerical data (numbers) about different places
- The
countries on a cartogram have the
of the topic shown on the map.
- The
countries have the
of the topic being shown on the map
World Population
Ticket out of the Door
Ch. 7 L1
1. What does a country's amount of consumption depend on?

2. Would an LDC or MDC have a high per capita GDP? Explain your answer

3. Give an example of a good and an example of a service that can be produced in a country (Can't use the same example from your notes).
- The amount of consumption in a country depends on its
level of development
- A country's
level of development
depends on its
per capita GDP
Food, clothing, cars
Teaching, or repairing a car
= total value of goods and services a country produces in a year

Per capita GDP
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