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7 habits

teehee Amy rock$

amy smale

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 7 habits

7 habits for happy kids 1: be proactive: when somthing dosen't turn out right don't just give up keep trying 4: think win win: when you and someone else have a deal make it so that you both win. like you and that person get something out of it. by 2: begin with the end in mind:think about what you future has in store.
3:put first things first: put the important things first like homework instead of video games. 5:seek first to understand ,then be understood: don't listen to someboy with just your ears but with your heart and eyes. 6: synergize: work together fairly and nicley. 7: sharpen the saw: work with your mind ,heart,soul,and body created by amy $male :) thank you and good day my fav. habbit is habbit 7 sharpen the saw.
because you can balance your life style.read,relax,play with friends and last but not least exercise.
and thats why it's my fav. habbit
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